The End is Near . . .

By Paul Chong     Thursday 20 August 2015

imagesDesperado Najib – the Flamboyant Prime Minister of Malaysia

If you should ever confront a wounded tiger in the wild, be extra cautious, for the wounded tiger is more than likely to be more ferocious, insanely wild, unpredictable & fearless. With its diminished ability to hunt for food, it would attack & devour anything in sight.

Look at Najib (as pictured above), his body language betrays his usual “gaya” self . . . now depressed, desperate & lacking any sense of aura & direction. He’s like a drowning man in the great stormy ocean clinging on to the last straw.

According to Bloomberg’s report on 19 August 2015:
“Malaysia Riskier Than Mexico Has UBS Warning of Worse to Come”. How long can you keep on pumping out the oil & draining it away? With $700 million drained into his own personal bank account that was initially linked to debt-ridden state investment fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd, “Malaysia is paying the price for weak foreign currency holdings and messy politics as the cost to protect its debt soars to near a four-year high,” UBS Group AG predicts even more pain ahead.

The late Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore did shed some tears when Singapore got separated from Malaysia. His tears were meant for the poor suffering citizens of Malaysia & ironically, it was he who on 24 April 1961 proposed to Tunku Abdul Rahman about the formation of Malaysia.

On 9 May1961, Lee sent the final version of the paper on his proposal to Tunku and Abdul Razak in Kuala Lumpur, after doing all the ground work. Malaysia was to comprise of Brunei, Malaya, North Borneo (later named Sabah), Sarawak, and Singapore, all of which had been British colonies, essentially as a whole to counter & combat communist activities & to ensure Malay dominance politically. Brunei dropped out on its own. Malaysia has existed since 1961 comprising of Malaya, Sabah & Sarawak, also known separately as West & East Malaysia.

Unknowingly, it was predicted that the lineage of Malay Prime Minister under the ruling party of UMNO/BN (United Malay National Organisation/Barison National) would begin with Tunku Abdul RAHMAN, the playboy prince from Kedah, who took 11 years to complete his law studies in London, and down the line it invariably ended up with Najib Razak, very much a playboy too, though on the quiet.
Notice from above paragraph, I spelt out RAHMAN in capital letters. Significantly, there have been just 6 (six) Malay Prime Ministers since the inception of Malaysia. Take a look at this below:
R stands for RAHMANUnknown

A stands for ABDUL RazakAR

H stands for HUSSEIN Onn Hussein Onn

M stands for MAHATHIRMahathir

A stands for ABDUL BadawiAbdul BNadawi

N stands for NAJIB RazakimagesSo you can see that Najib is fated to be the last of the Malay PMs from UMNO/BN. He’s the be all and end all of the Malay lineage. It’s just a question of time as his fate has been predetermined. Get out soon before more harm is done.

Balek-lah Kampong . . . Selamat Jalan!



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