Laughter Is The Best Medicine

By P Chong                                             Friday, 29 January 2010

Can a laugh a day keep heart attack away? Maybe so, as

testified by new research at the Medical Center of the University of Maryland led by Dr Michael Miller.

It’s pointed out that laughter reduces pain, increases job performance, connects people

emotionally,and improves the flow of oxygen to the heart & brain.

Even a little laughter is a good thing.

Mark Twain said it best:

“The human race has only one really effective weapon, and

that is laughter. The moment it arises, all your irritations & resentments

slip away, & your sunny spirit takes their place.”

Humour & laughter stir up the three Es (i.e. enthusiasm, excitement & emotion) in your body mechanism bringing on a brighter life perspective. Laughter sets you up on a higher plane from where you can view the world in a more relaxed, positive, joyful & creative manner.

Take Mike, for instance, about to retire after years of working competitively as a top-notch travelling sales executive on the international circuit, is finally looking forward to taking up golf seriously. He has always been keen on golf & played occasionally whenever opportunity arose. Although his game has improved considerably, he was always getting angry with every mistake. This was attributed to the crowd he played with who took the game too seriously. They were playing competitively more for the score than for the fun of it. So he stopped his association with them & elected to play with some friends, who like him played more for recreational fun.

Now golfing was as enjoyable as he hoped it would be & even scored better to lower his handicap. The benefits of fun become so obvious. Being able to laugh at your own mistakes take some doing but worth the doing.

Whenever you can create the opportunities for laughter. Laughing out loud may seem silly if done solely on your own, so seek out friends to watch a funny movie together. There are many places & occasions for such opportunities, You might want to:

Join a comedy club or a “laughter yoga” group

Seek out funny people for company

Try to spread cheers around with telling funny jokes or stories

Play around with pets or children

Create fun activities.

Forget about personal inhibitions. Just let yourself go. Sense of humour is not required. Just laugh out loud (LOL)! Release all the stress & strain. Let go of your worry & pain . . . for when you laugh, the whole world laugh with you! Laughter is both infectious & contagious. You should laugh till your belly aches & stomach churns . . . for laughter is feeling deeply . . . allowing you to live fully!

Laughter has so much power to heal & renew. Here below is a summary of the physical, mental & social benefits:

The Benefits of Laughter

Physical Health Benefits:

Boosts immunity

Lowers stress hormones

Decreases pain

Relaxes your muscles

Prevents heart disease

Mental Health Benefits:

Adds joy and zest to life

Eases anxiety and fear

Relieves stress

Improves mood

Enhances resilience

Social Benefits:

Strengthens relationships

Attracts others to us

Enhances teamwork

Helps defuse conflict

Promotes group bonding

Laughter is strong medicine for mind and body.

Clowns are always a welcoming sight!


3 thoughts on “Laughter Is The Best Medicine

  1. Can’t agree with you more! That’s why I’m now a certified Laughter Yoga leader – so that I can get folks to rediscover the joy of laughing again.

  2. John

    Couldn’t agree more on the power and benefits of humor. Thanks for the steps on ways to bring laughter into one’s life. I recently read a book called A Ph.D. in Humor from the Great Comedians by stand-up comic Tommy Moore, and in that book, comedians from George Burns to Steve Allen, Jay Leno, Robin Williams, etc., share ways to make humor a part of your life, no matter how bad things get. Humor should definitely be a part of your outlook!

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