What Priced Man Or Woman?

Paul Chong      Wednesday 21 July 2021

Generally, it’s been said that a person is worth his/her weight in gold. The verified truism is certainly in terms of qualitative & quantitative value of the person’s time. You may realise it that time is truly a valuable asset. Job of Apple fame would have given his wealth away if he could find someone to replace him on his untimely death bed.

A young person at age 25 starting off on the threshold of life is worth more than a retiring old person. This assessment is based on quantitative aspect of time.

What about the qualitative aspect of time? A young person needs to be well prepared to brave life’s perils through education & training  in order to command a good start in life. An old person may still possess qualitative time, but its span would be much shorter.

How much are you worth is likened to a bar of iron. A basic iron bar is worth little, but when converted to steel, then its value increases manifold. That bar of iron into various articles with enhancing prices.

Time is a vey precious commodity. Untangible as it is, time us often wasted or taken for granted. All of us have 24 hours a day & 40 years of economic life ahead. Yet so many miss their financial boat. Don’t ever sell yourself short. Then don’t ever quit for as it’s said quitters never win & winners never quit.

Chinese has a saying: One inch of time is one inch of gold. This is the driving force that propel them to work both hard & smart. Chinese are most assiduous in their economic pursuits . . . never considering taking rest & holidays except the Spring Festival.

A country’s wealth is often based on its natural resources. Human resources are even more important. Without which you can’t manage the natural resources. Productivity comes with the input of labour. Time is your asset & it’s what & how you use it that counts.

Price Yourself Economically.

The Beauty of Falling in Love

Think of the day when you fell in love

Of the many accomplishments because of love 

You could hardly wait for the sun to rise

Everyday you seemed to soar to the sky.

Love is powerful and a strong emotion

Thomas Edison fell in love with inventions

Luther Burbank thrived with plants

The Wright brothers took planes up to the sun.

What you set your heart on welcome true

Though initially you may appear to be a fool

Ford fell in love with engines and motor cars

See how his name lives on the the superstars.

Paul Chong

3rd July 1990

The Dynamics of Sales

The Dynamics of Sales

Paul Chong         Sunday 18 July 2021

Usually a fixed salary job like teaching provides virtually no incentive for striving to perform better. You work for years & years getting a small annual increment.  Finally you reach your superscale when you are almost retiring.Often teachers who are ambitious  switch career & opt to pursue law study. Few ever thought of taking up sales as a career.

Why not? Conditions & circumstances may be different in other countries, through my own personal experience, people treat sales as a lowly career. It’s a career not requiring any special education or training. 

On the other hand, you must have often heard it that the sky’s the limit. This one line where your income is commensurate to your time & effort. The harder you work the more money you get. You are literary writing your pay check. You are the master of your own destiny.

This kind of unlimited income is particularly true with life insurance sales. There is however one snack. Your earnings are strictly on a commission basis plus bonus. There is no fixed income like a salary. Everything is based upon your performance. Such is the nature of your income you just got to learn to manage your money well.

Few people are cut for this line of sales. Life insurance agents come & go with an abundant turn over. Recruiting agents is a never ending task. You’d be lucky to get one good agent out of every ten recruits. As the manager, I used the power of money to motivate & getting new recruits . . . thrilled & motivated with the sight of seeing the 4 or 5 figured photocopied income cheques. What do you want working full-time, part-time or part-past-time.

It is said that a good life insurance agent will be able to sell refrigerators to the Eskimos. As an agent, your status is raised when you truly sell on the basis of needs . . . a replacement income for food & clothing, roof over the head, education for the young ones in the unfortunate event when the bread-winner is taken away untimely. 

Be sincere, empathetic & your sales pitch simple, for simplicity sells, complexity repels.

A final word, God gave you one mouth & two ears, so you should listen twice as much as you say. Listen with your heart, mind & soul. Emotion & compassion set to play against human logics. 

Life insurance sales is by far the toughest in the world, it’s like being challenged to sell coal to Newcastle.

See You At The Top!

Conformity Or Dare To Be Different

Conformity Or Dare To Be Different

Paul Chong         Saturday, 17 July 2021

In terms of human behaviour, conformity simply means behaviour in accordance with socially accepted conventions. 

It’s interesting to note that human beings are gregarious in nature. We like company & we live in nests. As John Donne would say “No man is an island”.The phrase means that no one is truly self-sufficient, everyone must rely on the company and comfort of others in order to thrive.

When growing up as kids, however, children can be most cruel if you are different. They can make life miserable for you if you don’t conform to their system. So you learn to conform. Conformity sets the standard of our behaviour in all aspects of our life. So we learn to confirm for at   least 18 years of our young life to play & act like the others in the group. Then came the services, offices & work places, we were again told what to do & obey orders for the remaining part of our working life. All in all, we would be spending some forty years of our life in conformity.

Let’s take a look at conformity in today’s fast changing world.  If we conform, that is, we act like everybody else, the odds are 95% to 5% that we’ll miss the financial boat too!  

Why do people conform?

Once the great Dr.  Albert Schweitzer (a theologian) was asked, ”What’s wrong with man today?”  And   what’s the answer? He said “Man simply don’t think.” Man conforms simply because it’s the easiest thing to do. They were taught to conform – from the time they were born, or in school they were told what to do. They wanted to be liked, belong to the group, play and act like the others.  They don’t want to be different.  They wanted to be liked, belong to the group, play and act like the others.  They don’t want to be different because children are sometimes cruel to those who are different. They spent at least 18 years of their life learning to conform to their group.

Then came the service , again, they were told what to, again they confirm. In the military, orders are expected to be obeyed without questions.  Suddenly a man is out of service and on his own for the first time. Now what is the most natural thing in the world to do?  Right, it’s to look around to see what the other fellows are doing.  Since we’ve been always told what to do, why should we start thinking for ourselves at age 25?

So he gets a job and he looks around to see how the others are doing theirs.  Well it seems to be a pattern of human nature to do no more than what is necessary to get the weekly pay check.  Due to peer pressure, he’s not about to set any standard.  Again, he conforms.  He knows that he has 40 years to become great, plenty of time, but does he do it?  Not if he follows the crowd!  Not unless he decides to join the top 5%.

It takes a courageous man to be different . . . one who would rather die on his feet than live on his knees. This like making the choice of being an eagle & not a duck. An eagle commands aerial supremacy & great vision far & wide. Great leaders like Lee Kuan Yew, Xi Jinping & Deng Xiaoping are a different category of men. They adopt systems that work & discard those that failed to work.

To Deng Xiaoping, it does not matter whether it’s a white cat or a black one, so long it catches rats.

Never Say “No”

Never Say “No”

Don’t ever say “No”
 or “wait Lan!”

Wait till i am retired

Wait will i have made my pile

Wait till i have solved my problems

wait till i am free

Right now i am too busy.




Time is but an illusion

It expands and contracts

To suit your own convenience.




Paul Chong

Saturday, 26 June 1999

Change Or Chain


 Paul Chong

Sun. 29.9.91

In life it’s either change or chain

Bondage is lengthy like the train

To break the shackles that blind us

Requires more than just supernatural urge.

We blind ourselves to our worldly ways

Wealth and possessions make our hearts sway

We blind ourselves like the melody unchained

To break free seems such a silly change.

We can change for the better or worse

In chains we can find no verse

To change or be in chain is up to us

It must give from within us.

To change means forsaking

To be in chain is possessing.

When our live for Him prevails

worldly things we can assail.

Life’s Three Es

Life’s Three Es

Paul Chong  

Sunday, 11 July 2021

A child is generally happy & cheerful . . . full of spirit, energy, enthusiasm & emotionally focused on things he pursues. My grandson Nathanael (13) for instance, once he settled, he would be most reluctant & agitated to be pulled aside to do something else. He’s most single-mindedness in all his engagements.

As we grow older, we tend to lose our spirit bit by bit as a result from the pitfalls in life. Life of course is not a bed of roses, for even with the prettiest rose bush, thorns are all over.

It is well worth to remember that success is relatively simple . . . it’s just fools like to complicate matters to justify for their own failure. Then too, no man can really succeed solely by accident or luck. Real success depends a great deal upon his ability & capacity & how much of his potential he develops & uses. Also I believe in making things simple, for simplicity sells & complexity repels. Stickability comes into play . . . never to die until you’re dead.

From the womb to the tomb there is but one room. Make that room really worthwhile for you to rest in peace. 

The qualitative & quantitative of life depends much on your input. Apart from working both hard & smart, you’d need  the catalyst of the Three Es . . . which are Excitement, Enthusiasm & Emotion. They are essentially the fuel & energy that keep the fire of life burning. An old entrepreneur was once asked “How are you today?” He simply replied “I am feeling better & better each day . . . any better I’ll be perfect.” That’s his mindset or attitude.

When you get up first thing in the morning, be thankful & grateful to God that you are still alive. You are as energetic & spirited to brave the storm of life.

Modern life brings on lots of sufferings, strife & fear. Are you an overcomer or you are overcome particularly by the prevailing Civid-19 pandemic. Not seeming to go away over the last couple of years, we may have to learn to live with it, as what Singapore government is ready planning to do for the safety & security of its population.

I often like to say “Grow up but don’t
 grow old” which is chronologically impossible. However, we can be like young children who play all day without worry or care . . . with all the energy consumed with excitement, enthusiasm & emotion.

Live . . . don’t merely exist.



(First Settled in 1881)

Paul Chong      7 July 2021

Kalamunda up in Perth Hills among the trees 

Where once a train zig-zagged up its way in spree

It used to be a health and holiday resort

with scattered stilted buildings of sorts.

Kalamunda of old had a post office and chemist,

a closely-knit community with just one dentist,

a doctor, two butchers, a guest house and a pub.

Nothing buzzing like the present hub.

Canning Road was nothing but a narrow dirt track

with trees on both sides to spread

todays traffic come and go

that was never seen before.

The air was fresh, the rest were green 

The atmosphere  was certainly most serene. 

The greenies then would have no complaint

There was nothing absolutely that need to be explained.

Present Kalamunda is one of changing scene.

With new developments everywhere to be seen

Kalamunda Central appears so monstrous now

Striking out the rural setting of renown. 

To grow to progress is to change

Kalamunda Town could never be the same.

Generally changes were met with resistance

Time alone will render it assistance

With the growth of facilities will bring

Hopefully a steady stream of beings

Population must increase &business will surely grow

Kalamunda can never be like before.

Originally composed by Paul Chong

Saturday, 30 June 1990  

Kalamunda has attained City status now. 

Kalamunda Hotel is over 100 years old.

. . . To A Better Tomorrow

. . . To A Better Tomorrow

Paul Chong

Sunday, 4 July 2021

This episode happened a few days ago. A beautiful winter day with clear blue sky that just urged me to be out & about in the City of Kalamunda despite my left leg & lower back hurting greatly from sciatic pain. 

But for my ache & pain, I would have wandered more. However, I found that I had over an hour to wait for the next bus. At the bus terminal, there was a sweet young school girl called Maddy w Lfvihom I approached for help over the bus schedule. What happened next was an unbelievably miracle when she called her mother for help. Her mother came from home & soon happily we were homeward bound including Maddy’s boyfriend.

Oftentimes, it’s the little good things that you perform that would mean heaven on earth to the person you help.

Anna. to you I sing . . . “You are my special angel sent from high above” to bless & guide me onto the road “to a better tomorrow”. She’s always cheerful & smiling . . . ever-ready to respond to calls for help.

It’s the little things that matter in life. Minor things will lead you on to greater things. To quote President John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country.” Unfortunately, he was assassinated & so very young. The plot was so carefully planned & executed & so well covered up that until today you may never know why they did it.

America, so claimed & named by the Chinese as a “beautiful country” is full of killings, wars & assassinations. The greatest US President Abraham Lincoln was another President who was assassinated. Would it be because he brought on the Emancipation & the Freedom of slaves?

Why can’t men live in peace & harmony? Why can’t we all benefit mutually on a “win-win” basis the China is promoting. I think only fools like to complicate things in order to justify for their lack of ability. Again, it’s such a rotten world we live in where greed prevails & generosity & kindness of heart are so rare.

Thomas Aquinas (1225 – 1274) was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, Catholic priest, and Doctor of the Church. An immensely influential philosopher, theologian, and jurist in the tradition of scholasticism, he   also known within the latter as the Doctor Angelicus, the Doctor Communis, and the Doctor Universalis. (Wikipedia). 

He had this wonderful mindset: “ I shall pass this way but once. Therefore any good I can do, let me do it now. Let not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again”.

Let this be your awakening. Make things happen rather than for things to happen. Your contribution in any small way will go a long way. As Confucius says: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. Don’t just be a spectator or sit on the fence watching the world goes by.

A Tale Of Three Nations

A Tale Three Nations

Paul Chong     

Friday, 2 July 2021

It’s interesting to look back in time & perceive the fast changes that are happening especially in China, which within one generation transforms itself from a third world country to be the second largest economy in the world, It is more astounding & phenomenal to realise that it ’s being achieved all on its own without outside help. Get off your mule train & jump on the high speed train ;lest you lag further & further behind.

History can be most interesting in your understanding of the past & present, though I never quite like it when in school because of the difficulty of remembering dates. Ignorance of the past would lead you on to lots of misunderstanding.

Let’s illustrate it with a story of a stone-age story teller or speaker. Those days a speaker was a strange creature. Kipling told a story of a band of primitive stone-age men huddled around camp fire. They had engaged in a tremendous battle with a wooly mammoth or a sables-tooth tiger or perhaps both. Suddenly, one of their number left up to his feet & began relating the story of that day. He began walking up & down, gesticulating & talking, making sound so graphic that everyone around the campfire relived  the battle all over again. He told the story of what they had done & they were filled with awe & horror all over again, for there was magic in his words. So they took him away & killed him.

Today, they would paid him a big fee & Hollywood would engage him for the big screen.

From the primitive to the more civilised time. US for the past two hundred more years has been the supreme global master. Who dared to threaten US? It would be absolute suicide to do so. 

To establish the great American Dream, US has been a warring nation. It fought & fights unendingly since the 1700s with superior weapons of mass destruction, causing tremendous human sufferings & uncountable offensive human rights the world over. US has fought more wars than all the countries in the world combined. Ironically, they are not all the time victorious. In Vietnam they had to run for their lives. As a world power they go round threatening & intimidating all the minor nations “If you’re not for us, then you’re against us.”

Speaking of genocide, they are undoubtedly the greatest culprits, & they dare to point finger at others. Virtually the whole Red Indian nations was wiped out by the Americans. The history cannot be wiped clean with the kind of human treatment they committed towards the Afro America up to the present era. And they dare preach on the question the fundamentals & basic practice of human rights. Suffice we mention this much of atrocities, for who can deny these facts.

We shall switch our attention to a lesser nation like Australia which by comparison is not dissimilar to the establishment of US.

Australia was initially founded as a convict colony of United Kingdom which built the greatest colonial empire the world has known. When Captain Cook first landed on the shore of New South Wales in April 1770, he declared it as “Terra Nullius” which simply means “Nobody’s Land”. 

This doctrine has existed in the law of nations throughout the development of Western democracy. The fact that it is a Latin phrase gives us the clue that it is derived from Roman law – the concept that ownership by seizure of a thing no one owns is legitimate 20 Oct 2017.

The rule of law and reconciliation – Federal Court of Australia, was finally recognised with the aborigines as the rightful owners. I would suggest, if I may, that name be changed to “Ausgines” (meaning the original inhabitants of Australia).On 13 February 2008 , PM Kevin Rudd on behalf of Australia, apologised for the “Lost/Stolen Generations”.

The term Lost/Stolen Generations refers to the National Inquiry Into the Separation of Aboriginal Children from Families.

By the power of the British guns the whole Aboriginal population was virtually clean especially in Tasmania

where concerted effort of genocide left none standing & white supremacy reigned.

While the eastern states were colonised largely by British convicts, Western Australia was settled by the more elite British class. 

White Australia policy, formally Immigration Restriction Act of 1901, in Australian history, fundamental legislation of the new Commonwealth of Australia that effectively stopped all non-European immigration into the country & that contributed to the development of a racially insulated white society.

Australia is richly endowed with natural resources of oil & gas, iron ore & other minerals including gold. Australia was a very rich nation in 1885, ranking higher than US, but after 50 years, it continued to slip down the economic scale. It was overtaken & replaced by US & Canada. In today’s standing, Singapore is ahead of Australia & even slide down behind its many Asian neighbours. As predicted by the then PM Paul Keating that Australia would become a “Banana Republic”. As things are, PM Scomo(Scott Morrison) will see to it for sure. It is a silly suicide of vast economic proportion to begin a political tiff with China after 14 years of establishing a good trading relationship, all because Scomo chooses to support US in its campaign to contain China. It’s wise not to bite the hand that feeds you economically.

Now lastly, what sort of history does Malaysia possess? Initially, Malaya (firstly known as) was formed with a mixed group of people from all parts of Asia & Southeast Asia. The so-called Malay race of Muslim origin were from Indonesia & the Arab world. They so claimed themselves to be the Bumiputra (sons of the soil) which legitimately would be the native inhabitants. Everyone else is from outside. The enterprising Chinese immigrants were mostly the peasants from southern China seeking economic opportunities for a better life. The Indians came for similar reason but they were largely employed in rubber plantations & labourers in the government  service sector.

The Chinese well known for their assiduous economic pursuits, were engages in the tin mining industries, trade & businesses. In time through sheer hard work they prospered building towns & cities. They were the economic faces of the country while the Malays were quite contented living in attap stilt houses in the rural areas. They tended the west pari fields, fishing in them or out in the open seas. They were & are a less competitive group of people than the enterprising Chinese. So Chinese prospered with envy & jealousy from the Malays. There arose constant disputes, strive & fights between the Chinese & Malays.

The wiry British came upon the scene with the pretence of “intervention” to settle disputes & stayed on to colonise the rich “Golden Chersonese”. Take your hats off for the British diplomacy. Undoubtedly, the British had the greatest imperial colonies among all nations. 

Malaya became independent in 1957 under the mild & easy going leadership  of Tunku Abdul Rahman. Malaysia came into existence with the mutual consent to amalgamate Sabah, Sarawak & Singapore with Malaya in 1963. Singapore was ousted out of the union for political reasons in 1965 . . . Lee Kuan Yew was fast gaining popularity & moving too fast with the concept of Malaysian Malaysia much to the dislike of the Malay politicians.

In the final analysis, the socio-economic-politic woes in Malaysia rest entirely upon the shoulders if the Chinese who were & are too focused on the economic aspect of the country failing to realise that political power rules supreme. 

Presently Malaysia swept by the Corona Virus epidemic & a backdoor political entry of incapable PM Mohyiddin, laughably called“Mohaiddin”. He avoided the king’s advice to step down as PM.  The people are suffering more chaos and dragging deeper & deeper into the quagmire.

There are two significant questions that need to be asked. What if the Indians & Chinese were to leave Malaysia? Also what will happen when oil runs dry in Malaysia? Already, there has a tremendous brain drain among the Chinese. Famous & successful sugar king Robert Kwok has long pulled out of Malaysia & established his headquarters in Hong Kong.

Where do we go from here? The rich are getting richer among the MPs & their cronies, as in US the top 1% controlling the bottom 99%. The US has acted like a Big Brother for over two centuries & detests to be beaten ed as the hegemonic head of the world. Trade war, economic sanctions, demonising China, propaganda & other strategic moves are all designed to contain China. Without the shadow of any doubt the pandemic is created by the US as a biological warfare. Of course, no sensible power would ever consider a physical war for with the proliferation of nuclear weapons, it would mean the end of us all.

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