What Priced Man Or Woman?

Paul Chong      Wednesday 21 July 2021

Generally, it’s been said that a person is worth his/her weight in gold. The verified truism is certainly in terms of qualitative & quantitative value of the person’s time. You may realise it that time is truly a valuable asset. Job of Apple fame would have given his wealth away if he could find someone to replace him on his untimely death bed.

A young person at age 25 starting off on the threshold of life is worth more than a retiring old person. This assessment is based on quantitative aspect of time.

What about the qualitative aspect of time? A young person needs to be well prepared to brave life’s perils through education & training  in order to command a good start in life. An old person may still possess qualitative time, but its span would be much shorter.

How much are you worth is likened to a bar of iron. A basic iron bar is worth little, but when converted to steel, then its value increases manifold. That bar of iron into various articles with enhancing prices.

Time is a vey precious commodity. Untangible as it is, time us often wasted or taken for granted. All of us have 24 hours a day & 40 years of economic life ahead. Yet so many miss their financial boat. Don’t ever sell yourself short. Then don’t ever quit for as it’s said quitters never win & winners never quit.

Chinese has a saying: One inch of time is one inch of gold. This is the driving force that propel them to work both hard & smart. Chinese are most assiduous in their economic pursuits . . . never considering taking rest & holidays except the Spring Festival.

A country’s wealth is often based on its natural resources. Human resources are even more important. Without which you can’t manage the natural resources. Productivity comes with the input of labour. Time is your asset & it’s what & how you use it that counts.

Price Yourself Economically.


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