White Tigers & Other Rare Animals

We are all familiar with common tiger in the jungle or zoo by way of its size & colour. During one of our holidays in China, right in the hotel dinning area, we were faced with something unusual about the tiger. We couldn’t believe our eyes that we wresting “white” . . . yes! white tigers. They didn’t seem so ferocious & scary, perhaps because they were in secured confined area. The hotel management mentioned that they started with a pair of them & it had since multiplied to 51 of them.

Such an encounter always remain in your memory. In the theme park of Chime-Long Xiangjiang Safari Park, Guangzhou, we saw many more (from our hired vehicle) with more room to roam in the safari setup.

Here presented for your pleasure are a few more of other rare creatures that seem to roam our jungles. Perhaps you may have the good fortune to encounter of these in your travel & capture them with your cameras.

The White Tiger

White tigers are one of the most majestic and beautiful animals in the world, famed for their icy coloring and piercing eyes. They are a pigment variation of the more familiarly colored Bengal tiger but are not albinos. Just as humans can have blonde hair or brown hair, white tigers are simply a variation – one that we can all be thankful for.

Nature has given animals a wide variety of distinctive colorings that we can all immediately recognize. Many of these colors and patterns have become iconic in their own right and have even influenced human fashion and design. However, nature being nature, it occasionally throws us a surprise. These rare conditions have given these animals colors which make them stand out from the crowd in the most beautiful ways.
The Brown Panda

UnknownPandas have one of the most famous and distinctive colored coats in the animal kingdom, and it’s one that has enchanted humans for centuries. However, it isn’t always black and white in the panda world. In one remote region of China, lives a small number of special pandas with brown fur. It is believed that the color of their coat has come from a combination of diet and generations of genetic mutations. Brown pandas are very rarely spotted in the wild unfortunately, although there are examples in captivity. 

The Pink Dolphin

UnknownPink Dolphins look like they have swam straight out of a children’s fairytale but they are real and can be found in the Amazon Rainforest of South America. Their cheery, pink hue is provided by their blood vessels which are located unusually close to their skin’s surface. Some are more pink than others, with the most brightly colored examples offering a fantastically unique sight.

The Albino GorillaUnknown-1Albinism is a congenital condition, characterized by a lack of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. It exists across numerous species, including humans. It is very rare in large primates and this albino gorilla called Snowflake lived most of his life at Barcelona Zoo, fathering 22 offspring before his death in 2003. All the hair on his body was completely white.

The Golden Zebra

UnknownThis zebra is one of very few examples in existence in the world and has light, gold stripes rather than black. Aptly, named the ‘golden zebra’, she is not an albino but has a similar pigmentation mutation caused by a condition called amelanism. She looks like she has stepped out of a fantasy world and you have to wonder whether she realizes just how special she really is!

The Blue Lobster


Blue Lobsters are the result of a genetic mutation that infuses them with a large amount of a particular protein that gives their exoskeleton a bizarre blue color rather than the familiar red. It is not as rare as some of the other mutations discussed in this list, with over 2 million blue lobsters estimated to be in existence. Their color often saves them from the human cooking pot so it’s a little more useful than the pink is to the katydid!


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