Proud to be Chinese

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EVERYTHING is BIG in CHINA e.g. The Great Wall of China
EVERYTHING is BIG in CHINA e.g. The Great Wall of China


With 1.3 billion Chinese in China, mathematically speaking one out of every five people is a Chinese in the world. It is said that wherever the ocean touches land, there the Chinese be. Wherever the Chinese is he survives, in fact more than survive, often making indelible contributions to the community where he lives. He could well be in isolation, but his resources know no bound . . . his initiatives no less . . . his resilience, diligence, dignity & pride second to none. The Chinese people are the most unique “natural resources” of the Chinese nation.


The Chinese as a race, I always contend, are the most assiduous in their economic pursuit, totally self-reliant, resourceful, diligent, resilient and smiling even under threat. In a word, Chinese are great survivors!

The latest book “One Man’s View” by LKY, Spore’s Minister Mentor covering similar themes about the Chinese has been receiving good worldwide commendations. There’s no basis of it being “racist” as facts bespeak the gospel truth. – Paul Chong

Here below Chan-Lui Lee presents some very basic plain truth of the Chinese.

Address by Chan-Lui Lee, Ph.D. Honorary Life Member & Past President, AFS
 Melbourne, Australia.

Proud to be born an Overseas Chinese

Proud to be born a Chinese. Each and every race has their own Pride and so long as they do not infringe into others’ right, I don’t see any problem of them taking their own PRIDE, wonder why some Malaysian politicians are so taboo about this?

Why do Chinese people work so hard to succeed in life? Here is the plain truth.

#1. There are over 1 billion of us on this earth. We are like photostat copies of each other. You get rid of one,5magically appears (like ballot boxes). Yes, it is scary, especially for us. We acknowledge that we are replaceable, thus we are not particularly ‘special’. If you think you are smart, there are a few thousand more people smarter than you. If you think you are strong, there are a few thousand people stronger than you.

#2. We have been crawling all over this earth for far more centuries that most civilizations. Our DNA is designed for survival. We are like cockroaches. Put us anywhere on earth and we will make a colony and thrive. We survive on anything around us and make the best of it. Some keep migrating but others will stay and multiply.

#3. NOBODY cares if we succeed as individuals or not. But our families take pride in knowing we have succeeded. Yes, some will fail. We take nothing for granted. We don’t expect privileges to fall on our laps. No one owes us anything.

#4. We know we have nothing to lose if we try to succeed. Thus, we have no fear trying. That is why Chinese are addicted to gambling.We thrive on taking risks. All or nothing.

#5. From young we are taught to count every cent. What we take for granted like money management, I have found out recently, is not something other cultures practice at home with their children. It surprised me. But truth is not all societies or cultures teach their young this set of skills because it is rude to them. Yes, most of us can count because we are forced to and the logic of money is pounded into us from the beginning of time (when mama tells us how much she has spent on our milk and diapers)


#6. We acknowledge life cycles. We accept that wealth in a family stays for three generations (urban myth?). Thus, every 4th generation will have to work from scratch.I.e. the first generation earns the money from scratch, second generation spends the money on education, third generation gets spoiled and wastes all the inheritance. Then we are back to square one. Some families hang on to their wealth a little longer than most.

#7. It is our culture to push our next generation to do better than the last. Be smarter. Be stronger. Be faster. Be more righteous. Be more pious. Be more innovative. Be more creative. Be richer. Be everything that you can be in this lifetime. Be KIASU.

#8. Our society judges us by our achievements… and we have no choice but to do something worthwhile because Chinese New Year comes around every year and Chinese relatives have no qualms about asking you straight in your face – how much are you making? When was your last promotion? How big is your office? What car do you drive? Where do you stay? You have boyfriend? You have girlfriend? When are you getting married? When are you having children? When is the next child? When you getting a boy? Got maid yet? Does your company send you overseas? etc etc etc. It NEVER ENDS… so, we can’t stop chasing the illusive train – we are damned to a materialistic society. If you are not Chinese, consider yourself lucky!

#9. We have been taught from young – if you have two hands, two feet, two eyes, and a mouth, what are you doing with it? 

People with no hands can do better than you (and the OKU artists do put us to shame)

#10. Ironically, the Chinese also believe in giving back to save their wretched materialistic souls. Balance is needed. 

The more their children succeed in life, the more our parents will give back to society (not for profit) as gratitude for the good fortune bestowed on their children. Yes. That is true. And that is why our society progresses forward in all conditions.
 Nobody pities us. We accept that.
 No one owes us anything. We know that.
There are too many of us for charity to reach all of us. We acknowledge that.
 But that does not stop us from making a better life. This lifetime 
Opportunity is as we make of it.
So, pardon us if we feel obliged to make a better place for ourselves in this country we call home. 

It is in our DNA to progress forward for a more comfortable life.

But if history were to be our teacher, look around this globe. 
Every country has a Chinatown (seriously) but how many government/countries are ‘taken’ over by the Chinese people.
 Don’t be afraid of us overwhelming your majority, we are not looking to conquer. If we have moved away from China and Chinese governed countries, we are NOT looking for another country to administer. Our representatives are only there to look after our collective welfare. They are duty bound. We prefer to blend in and enjoy the fruits of our labor. We enjoy the company of like minded people of all races. After all, we are only passing through a small period in the history of time . . . so, use our skills and we can all progress forward together.

The Future of China
The Future of China

Chan-Lui Lee,  Ph.D.
, a marine biologist, Senior Lecturer, Northern Territory University and Chinese migrant, Honorary Life Member & Past President, AFS
 Melbourne, Australia.


9 thoughts on “Proud to be Chinese

  1. martin chung

    A good analysis for the Chinese culture of ‘progress thru the new generations’. Amazingly, it was the Emperor who recalled admiral ‘Cheng Ho’ back to the fold rather than circumvent and conquer other countries. It is equally important, the acceptance of Confusion and Taoist spiritual practices that is enbedded in the Chinese DNA.
    When I visited India, the Chinese there speak Hindi and Tamil fluently!!!
    Every where you go, a Chinese is always willing to talk and provide support, making a Chinese feel at home.

  2. Charles Christano

    To be honest I am proud too though I speak nor write Chinese character.
    I was born and live in a country in which we have been stigmatized since
    I was still a toddler, and to this vary day.

    But I have been learning to know that there are things which we cannot choose.
    They are “given” but we still can be grateful despite of the hurt and disappointment.
    We can even grow and benefit from it. I have learned how to accept what we cannot change
    by God’s never unending grace even with fortitude. I also learn how the change the things
    thant can be chaged and should be changed. But it takes more than just courage but once again by God’s grace and mercies. And finally I still have to learn to be able to differentiate between what cannot be changed from the things that can be changed and ought to be changed.

  3. Yes indeed, proud to be a Chinese too, but in most cases, the people is only looking at the BEST , and how many of you know or understand there are still Zillions of Chinese in the remote areas and others provinces that they are suffering and can’t even have enough of foods and others essential , and the proud Chinese have you ever thought of helping them , huh !!!
    of course there are some group we can ignore, but not all .

  4. Wong Kum Piew

    Dear Sir

    Good article and i agree.

    But not very nice to be referred as cochroaches. Point 2 line 4.

    In some country such as our, we Chinese have been viewed with much prejudice. It does not help if one of our own eminent Phd compares us with cockroaches



  5. Paul Fong

    Your article is a sad indictment of the Chinese. You quote “our society judges us by our achievement”. What achievements? What has the Chinese achieved? Where are the inventions? Where the world- renown discoveries? Where are the contributions that society can judge us?
    Your views say it all “our representatives are only there to look after OUR collective welfare.” “..we feel obliged to make a better place for OURSELVES in this country….”
    You have just proven that the Chinese only care about themselves. Where are the love of others; where are their sense of community-sharing? Why are they lacking the dictum ‘it is better to give than to receive’?
    You have displayed what the simple truth of the Chinese are. There are two words that describes them- they are SELF-CENTRED and SELFISH. And if you are proud of that then you are in denial or you are sadly misplaced in your pride.
    If the Chinese continues in this path, then history will judge them to be the most despicable race in the planet!

    1. Paul

      Suffice for me to say that you’re entitled to your own opinion & not to be judged as right or otherwise. I choose to differ & stand together with hundreds of million of others in the world.

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