Eisenhower Spoke Truth Too Late

Dwight D. Eisenhower, official portrait as Pre...
Dwight D. Eisenhower, official portrait as President. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Alexandra Bruce (September 24, 2013)

This is the latest video by the perennially-provocative Class War Films and here’s a snippet from the film’s narration, performed by Lanny Cotler:


“War General and President, Eisenhower warned that the existing military-industrial-congressional complex might co-opt Democratic government, subvert the rights of the people and destroy all that made America Great.

“He spoke truth too late. The process, under him, was already far advanced.”

   YouTube Video

Why China Rises and the US Falls

PC/Friday, 20 September 2013


The Chinese have always been widely known to be most assiduous in their economic pursuit. From having the great capacity for work, surviving in the most adverse economic conditions, suffering & enduring, they are also very employable. They contributed much to the building of railway in America. Totally reliable & trust worthy, that’s who & what they are.

Most importantly you’ve got to remember they boast of an unbroken civilisation of some 5000 years unequal by any! – P Chong

Herein  we clearly see the dichotomy that distinguishes one from the other . . .

Source of Slides/Pictures Unknown:

Chinese women army greater in number than the whole of US population!

The American are required to be asleep in order to realise their American Dream.

America needs to really wake up and stop whining. It needs to fix the social political system and economic system. The only way to compete with China over the long term is to have its “EDUCATION” right.

Education is the secret to China’s long-term sustainable rise. Recently, America was shocked to see how much the American students are falling behind on science, mathematics and writing, while Chinese students excel in those three on international tests. Many in the US realize the challenge but also quickly point out that those Chinese students were from the developed Shanghai area and they have more money and better facilities. Wrong!!! students in Shanghai or Beijing are known to be lousy students who perform a lot worse than those from poorer areas. They have much lower college entrance thresholds, and normally they cannot enter the top Chinese universities.

This shows how wrong the US is: it looks at education only by money . . . while it is the will and love of knowledge that make a people worship education. (See BBC Chinese School, or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8cyb0. ..)

Education can make a turnaround within 10-20 years in a person’s life, and within 20-50 years in a nation’s lot.

America was in shock when it learned that China produced a stealth fighter, the fastest super-computer, longest highway system, longest high-speed rail system . . . all happened within a number of years since its reform started in 1979 when China was a lot worse than Ethiopia or Ecuador.

Education aside, let’s take a look at the other factors: 

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 5.56.46 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 5.57.36 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.00.54 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.01.20 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.01.42 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.01.54 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.47.39 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.52.00 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.56.25 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.57.14 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.58.01 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.58.20 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.58.47 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.59.10 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.59.20 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 6.59.53 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 7.01.01 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 7.01.16 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 7.01.39 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 7.02.00 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 7.02.18 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 7.02.32 PM Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 7.02.43 PM

 A VERY YOUNG worker in China . . .

only 5 years old undertaking a man’s job!                                   

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My Perspective on Being Chinese


By Paul Chong      Tuesday, 10 September 2013

English: Ethnolinguistic groups of China.
English: Ethnolinguistic groups of China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to Western concept, it is presumed that as a country progresses & modernises, it becomes Westernised. China is different & unique – it can never become like the West.

For thousands of years with marauding thundering of conquering barbarians, the Han Chinese was never subdued. No culture has been able to superimpose upon the lives of the Han Chinese in changing them in anyway. Ironically, the reverse happened and instead the conquerers became “sinicized” – that is becoming Chinese as in the case of the Manchus who despite having ruled China for hundreds of years, they were adjusting, adapting & adopting the Chinese way of life.

Chinese character Han
Chinese character Han

China is indeed a multi-cultural nation comprising some 55 ethnic minority groups – distinctively practising & preserving their individual cultures, distinctive & unique in China maintaining their own traditions, distinctive costumes & languages. Each displays & contributes to the mix of the greater Chinese nation. The crux of multiculturalism in China is distinct & unique, there is truly a scenario of diversity in unity. People irrespective of their place of birth are proud to be Chinese.

The question of “Sinicization” is a difficult concept to be understood by the West. It’s alien . . . for most Westerners are a composite mix of cultures, like the British or the Americans, dominant as they are. It is no less so with the Europeans. Ironically, even with the conquerers (e.g. the Romans) the dominance of their cultures strangely disappeared with the passage of time.

English: In recent years, young Chinese are tr...

 In recent years, young Chinese are trying to revive traditional en:Han Chinese clothing (汉服运动) using internet-based forums. A few Han Chinese clothing gatherings both within China and overseas were organized. Han clothing was lost for 267 years as a result of the Manchu subjugation of China, which lasted from 1644 to 1911.

According to Wikipedia, “Sinicization, Sinicisation or Sinification, ( Mandarin: 汉化 Hànhuà), also called Chinalization (Mandarin: 中国化 Zhōngguóhuà), is a process whereby non-Han Chinese societies come under the influence of dominant Han Chinese state and society. Areas of influence include alphabet, diet, economics, industry, language, law, lifestyle, politics, religion, sartorial choices, technology, culture, and cultural values. More broadly, “Sinicization” may refer to policies of acculturation, assimilation, or cultural imperialism of neighbouring cultures to China, depending on historical political relations. This is reflected in the histories of Korea, Vietnam and Japan in the East Asian cultural sphere, for example, in the adoption of the Chinese writing system.”

Han Chinese people

In the world today, where population mobility on a global scale is so dominant because of wars, social upheavals, economic changes & circumstances, political & economic refugees, it is difficult to stay pure & dominant as a race. The United States of America is the best example of the melting pot of cultures.

This is openly followed by United Kingdom & such European countries as Belgium, Holland in their practices of multi-culturalism through integration or nationalism. However, they find themselves to be confronted with the huge problem of non-integration, separatism & polarisation in respect mainly of religious differences. That religious polarisation is generating towards possible future political force.

Japan in its attempt to a stay closely-knit society is not accepting foreign immigration, but it’s only a small country in terms of population number.

The integration policy is a type of nationalism aimed at strengthening of the Chinese identity among some other 55 minority population. Proponents believe integration will help to develop shared values, pride in being the country’s citizen, respect and acceptance towards cultural differences among citizens of China. In China there are 292 non-Mandarin languages spoken by minority peoples of the region. There are also a number of immigrant languages, such as Khmer, Portuguese, English, etc.

Historical past reveal sinicization of many examples as with the Turkic peoples, descendants of Uyghurs and the Hui population. They were all largely assimilated into the Han culture, practising Chinese customs and speaking Mandarin as their language.

In a huge country like China of great diversity, the teaching of Mandarin as the national language is the strongest singular population unifying factor. Different & various dialects may abound but everybody speaks & understands Mandarin.

The best example of sinicization undoubtedly happened with the Manchu during the Qing Dynasty. They originally had their own separate style of naming from the Han Chinese, but eventually adopted Han Chinese naming practices.

Manchu names consisted of more than the two or one syllable Chinese names, and when phonetically transcribed into Chinese, they made no sense at all. The meaning of the names that Manchus used were also very different from the meanings of Chinese names. The Manchus also gave numbers as personal names.

They gave their children Chinese names which were separate from the Manchu names, and even adopted the Chinese practice of generation names, although its usage was inconsistent and error ridden, eventually they stopped using Manchu names.

The Niohuru family of the Manchu changed their family name to Lang, which sounded like “wolf” in Chinese, since wolf in Manchu was Niohuru.

Usage of surnames was not traditional to the Manchu while it was to the Han Chinese.

Our Western friends always have this to comment with the way & ease we switch code (language) when speaking to each other. We apparently have the dexterity & affinity with language code. For example, foreigners are often fascinated to notice a good mixture of dialects & languages in our speech . . . all in one sentence. Perhaps Chinese brains work differently & even uniquely.

The greatness of a nation lies in its ability to stand tall & erect absolutely unaffected & diminished by outside invasions despite its thousand of years of isolation. This testifies the notion & concept of “survival of the fittest.”

Soundly geographical, the sun always set in the West & gloriously rises in the East. With the sun setting, the world goes to sleep. However, each morning when the sun rises activities stir & economy grows.

As they say in the Grand Prix race, when your car stalls others roar . . . speed must be maintained to avoid a stall and loss of control.

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent

Proud to be Chinese

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EVERYTHING is BIG in CHINA e.g. The Great Wall of China
EVERYTHING is BIG in CHINA e.g. The Great Wall of China


With 1.3 billion Chinese in China, mathematically speaking one out of every five people is a Chinese in the world. It is said that wherever the ocean touches land, there the Chinese be. Wherever the Chinese is he survives, in fact more than survive, often making indelible contributions to the community where he lives. He could well be in isolation, but his resources know no bound . . . his initiatives no less . . . his resilience, diligence, dignity & pride second to none. The Chinese people are the most unique “natural resources” of the Chinese nation.


The Chinese as a race, I always contend, are the most assiduous in their economic pursuit, totally self-reliant, resourceful, diligent, resilient and smiling even under threat. In a word, Chinese are great survivors!

The latest book “One Man’s View” by LKY, Spore’s Minister Mentor covering similar themes about the Chinese has been receiving good worldwide commendations. There’s no basis of it being “racist” as facts bespeak the gospel truth. – Paul Chong

Here below Chan-Lui Lee presents some very basic plain truth of the Chinese.

Address by Chan-Lui Lee, Ph.D. Honorary Life Member & Past President, AFS
 Melbourne, Australia.

Proud to be born an Overseas Chinese

Proud to be born a Chinese. Each and every race has their own Pride and so long as they do not infringe into others’ right, I don’t see any problem of them taking their own PRIDE, wonder why some Malaysian politicians are so taboo about this?

Why do Chinese people work so hard to succeed in life? Here is the plain truth.

#1. There are over 1 billion of us on this earth. We are like photostat copies of each other. You get rid of one,5magically appears (like ballot boxes). Yes, it is scary, especially for us. We acknowledge that we are replaceable, thus we are not particularly ‘special’. If you think you are smart, there are a few thousand more people smarter than you. If you think you are strong, there are a few thousand people stronger than you.

#2. We have been crawling all over this earth for far more centuries that most civilizations. Our DNA is designed for survival. We are like cockroaches. Put us anywhere on earth and we will make a colony and thrive. We survive on anything around us and make the best of it. Some keep migrating but others will stay and multiply.

#3. NOBODY cares if we succeed as individuals or not. But our families take pride in knowing we have succeeded. Yes, some will fail. We take nothing for granted. We don’t expect privileges to fall on our laps. No one owes us anything.

#4. We know we have nothing to lose if we try to succeed. Thus, we have no fear trying. That is why Chinese are addicted to gambling.We thrive on taking risks. All or nothing.

#5. From young we are taught to count every cent. What we take for granted like money management, I have found out recently, is not something other cultures practice at home with their children. It surprised me. But truth is not all societies or cultures teach their young this set of skills because it is rude to them. Yes, most of us can count because we are forced to and the logic of money is pounded into us from the beginning of time (when mama tells us how much she has spent on our milk and diapers)


#6. We acknowledge life cycles. We accept that wealth in a family stays for three generations (urban myth?). Thus, every 4th generation will have to work from scratch.I.e. the first generation earns the money from scratch, second generation spends the money on education, third generation gets spoiled and wastes all the inheritance. Then we are back to square one. Some families hang on to their wealth a little longer than most.

#7. It is our culture to push our next generation to do better than the last. Be smarter. Be stronger. Be faster. Be more righteous. Be more pious. Be more innovative. Be more creative. Be richer. Be everything that you can be in this lifetime. Be KIASU.

#8. Our society judges us by our achievements… and we have no choice but to do something worthwhile because Chinese New Year comes around every year and Chinese relatives have no qualms about asking you straight in your face – how much are you making? When was your last promotion? How big is your office? What car do you drive? Where do you stay? You have boyfriend? You have girlfriend? When are you getting married? When are you having children? When is the next child? When you getting a boy? Got maid yet? Does your company send you overseas? etc etc etc. It NEVER ENDS… so, we can’t stop chasing the illusive train – we are damned to a materialistic society. If you are not Chinese, consider yourself lucky!

#9. We have been taught from young – if you have two hands, two feet, two eyes, and a mouth, what are you doing with it? 

People with no hands can do better than you (and the OKU artists do put us to shame)

#10. Ironically, the Chinese also believe in giving back to save their wretched materialistic souls. Balance is needed. 

The more their children succeed in life, the more our parents will give back to society (not for profit) as gratitude for the good fortune bestowed on their children. Yes. That is true. And that is why our society progresses forward in all conditions.
 Nobody pities us. We accept that.
 No one owes us anything. We know that.
There are too many of us for charity to reach all of us. We acknowledge that.
 But that does not stop us from making a better life. This lifetime 
Opportunity is as we make of it.
So, pardon us if we feel obliged to make a better place for ourselves in this country we call home. 

It is in our DNA to progress forward for a more comfortable life.

But if history were to be our teacher, look around this globe. 
Every country has a Chinatown (seriously) but how many government/countries are ‘taken’ over by the Chinese people.
 Don’t be afraid of us overwhelming your majority, we are not looking to conquer. If we have moved away from China and Chinese governed countries, we are NOT looking for another country to administer. Our representatives are only there to look after our collective welfare. They are duty bound. We prefer to blend in and enjoy the fruits of our labor. We enjoy the company of like minded people of all races. After all, we are only passing through a small period in the history of time . . . so, use our skills and we can all progress forward together.

The Future of China
The Future of China

Chan-Lui Lee,  Ph.D.
, a marine biologist, Senior Lecturer, Northern Territory University and Chinese migrant, Honorary Life Member & Past President, AFS
 Melbourne, Australia.

Deceptions USA

English: Actor Chris Pratt at the premiere par...
English: Actor Chris Pratt at the premiere party of TV series Parks and Recreation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



A film, by Chris Pratt, you MUST watch to know the truth of the events & affairs as happened during Bush/Cheney times . . . extended & accentuated in Obama Administration.The web of deceptions is simply astounding & overpowering. They say if you keep throwing mud onto the wall eventually some of the dirt will stick.

So wake up and don’t just believe all that you see & read as provided by the mainstream media.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

become really

Words of Mass Deception!


Bush/Cheney . . . kind of shadowy past

You will see many people who lied & got away with their lying.

Contrl IMF Worl Bank

Contrl of nation's money. . . Woodrow Wilson 1916

This is the full version of the “deceptions” film. It was produced by an activist with NO film making experience for $750 and it was released in 2010. In spite of an amateur status “deceptions” was well reviewed and has developed rather a “cult” following.


Federal Reserve Bank

Deceptions is a six part film that traces a string of deceptions from 9/11, through the Bush Administration and now the Obama Administration, oil and banking power and fraud, media collusion and the existence of a controlling elite.

It ends with a plea for the people of America to become citizen journalists – to report what they see and to encourage full discovery, disclosure and debate on myriad of issues that intentionally remain hidden from public view

YouTube (58.10 mins)


Let’s Live in Peace & Harmony

My Final Message – Chin Peng

Chin Peng

Published by Media Masters, Singapore, 2003. 527 page

(The Unsung Hero To Return?)

[UPDATE:  BANGKOK (AFP) – Malaysia’s renowned former communist fighter Chin Peng, who led a guerrilla campaign against British colonial rule, died in exile in Thailand on Monday, 16 September 2013 according to his military liaison. The 89-year-old, who left Malaysia around five decades ago, had been hospitalised in Bangkok for several years.

“He died this morning of cancer,” said General Pisarn Wattanawongkiri, a former Thai military commander and point of contact between Chin Peng and the authorities.

Born Ong Boon Hua in Malaysia’s north, Chin Peng was made an officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and won two medals for helping the British fight the Japanese in Malaya during World War II.]


Essentially, we all live in a cosmopolitan world comprising of every colour, race & creed – tall or short, big or small. Without exception, east to west, north to south, no country is mono-ethnic any more . . . what with international migration & mobility, influx of refugees brought on by wars, changing economic circumstances & opportunities, rapid transport & communication, most national populations are constantly in a state of flux & movement.

Under such circumstances, the difficulty of claiming where you belong stands supreme. However, if you owe allegiance & loyalty to where you are then the right of living in the country of your adoption should raise no question. Of course, for those living in the place of their birth, all legitimacy of being sons of the soil (termed “bumiputras” as in Malaysia) goes without any dispute or gainsaying.

Most of the original inhabitants of a place are often lost by way of domination & even marginalised by the superimposition of the higher culture. We see good examples in North & South America, Canada and Australia.

All human beings are the same the world over with the same hope, dreams & aspirations. All discriminations, oppression & domination should be ruled out. US, the greatest democratic nation in the world, so proclaimed & enshrined it in its constitution that “all men are equal”. Yet utterly unbelievable & shamefully, it is promoting domination rather than advocating peaceful co-operation & harmonious living.

With reference to Malaysia, whatever promotions the “Barisonputras” undertake like the recent Astro TV screening of “Unsung Heroes”, strong political overtone & hidden agenda are clearly & evidently attached. Why only involved the selected Indian community? Aren’t there no other unsung heroes from the other communities? Ironically, the 1Malaysia Policy is setting racial communities apart causing polarisation. Divide & rule is the name of the game.

I can think of many “unsung heroes” but suffice right now for me to mention just one man – Chin Peng, a true national patriot whose cause for national sovereignty & security caused him a lifetime of struggle & suffering. By any definition, he is an unsung hero, devoting his life to fighting against the Japanese invaders of Malaya (then known, now Malaysia) during WW2.

The British colonial masters were already driven out of the country by the Japanese leaving it defenceless.

For his part in the Japanese defeat, Chin Peng was awarded the OBE by the British Crown & two war medals in January 1947.

A nation like a tree got to have roots. The deeper the roots are the stronger the tree will be to weather the storm & withstand the test of time. Culturally, nationals must know their roots, with warts and all like China, before finding their wings to fly & soar. You can’t change history nor can you cover it up. Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat & other Malay folk heroes, whoever they were, their bodies may be dead & buried, but their spirits live on. Why would politicians take them off from the school history text books? What shame & hurt will the “Barisonputras” want to hide & erase history’s past? This is a serious indictment indeed!

Chin Peng now excile in Thailand

          Chin Peng (aka Ong Boon Hua) OBE. Born October 22, 1924. Age 89 Still living in exile in Thailand

Chin Peng (Chinese: 陳平, Mandarin Chén Píng), former OBE, born Ong Boon Hua (Chinese: 王文華, Pinyin Wáng Wén Huá) in 1924, was a long-time leader of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP). A determined patriot fighter & anti-colonialist, he led the party’s guerrilla insurgency first against the Japanese in WW2 & in the Malayan Emergency, fighting against British and Commonwealth forces in an attempt to establish an independent Communist state.

After the MCP’s defeat and subsequent Malaysian independence in 1957, Chin waged a campaign against the new state of Malaysia in an attempt to replace its government with a Communist one from exile, until signing a peace accord with the Malaysian government in 1989. (Wikipedia).

Chin Peng's Ancestral Home in ChinaChin Peng’s Ancestral Home in Putian, Fuzhou Province, China (Courtesy of Francis)

Chin Peng was born (October 22, 1924) in Sitiawan, Perak (residents refer to it as City-A-One) , the same birth place as the ex-MCA president Dato Dr Ling Liong Sik. He’s a genuine son of the soil – Malaysia’s very own.

Following briefly is the chronological main events in his life:

January 1940: Accepted as probationary member of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM); put in charge of Communist members in Sitiawan.

July 4, 1940: Leaves home.

December 1941: Communists’ offer of help accepted; joins the fight against the Japanese.

January 10, 1942: The first batch of the Malayan Peoples Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA)

1942: Meets future wife, Khoon Wah.

1945: World War II ends.

January 1946: Awarded 2 war medals; boycotts tour of British bases; forced to sign letter of apology. Later, Chin Peng is elected secretary-general of MCP.

Chin Peng - to fight to the end

Tunku Abndul Rahman

December 28, 1955: Baling Talks held with David Marshall and Tunku Abdul Rahman, unsuccessful because of surrender terms. After the Baling Talks, Chin Peng retires to Thailand. Ah Hai replaces him as acting Secretary-General in Malaya.

1960: The Emergency is officially declared at an end. However, fighting still continues. Special Malaysian government troops going by the name “Senoi Praaq” prove to be a thorn in Chin Peng’s side.

December 2, 1989: A peace treaty is signed between the communists, Thailand and Malaysia. The long, hard war the British had preferred to term an Emergency was over.

#A point of interest here: Chin Peng’s story & his dealings with the British sound like opening the pages of the same as with Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden. Once the purpose is served, people can easily be dispensed with.

October 6–8, 2004: Chin Peng visits Singapore for 3 days to speak at the Institute of South-east Asian Studies (ISEAS).

2005: Chin Peng is pending to return to Malaysia. His hearing was scheduled for May 25, 2005, and the High Court postponed it to July 25, 2005. This application was subsequently rejected.

June 2008: Chin Peng’s lost his bid to return to Malaysia when the Court of Appeal demanded he showed identification papers to prove his Malayan citizenship. (Source: Wikipedia)

Modern KL

Pernas Twin Tower

Malaysia a modern democratic nation. Pernas Twin Towers in KL

Now what kind of law & justice is this rejecting Chin Peng from returning to his homeland Malaysia, a place where he fought to preserve? He is 89 now & in the twilight years of his life. He wants to return home rather than living in exile in Thailand. His return – one of the terms of 1989 peace agreement – is unfairly denied.

This is Malaysian justice rejecting its own son from returning home to roost. The worst scenario is that the “Barisonputras” would shamelessly accord citizenship freely to foreigners from Asia & the right to vote to ensure their permanent grip of political power.

Let’s live in peace & harmony

Let Chin Peng return home.

You be the judge & jury!


© Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent.

23 July 2013

What the Media Not Telling Us About the War in Syria


Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 10.36.11 PM Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 10.30.37 PM

Syria (Photo credit: Zachary Baumgartner)
Syria (Photo credit: Zachary Baumgartner)

Full Disclosure: Hear the whole truth & nothing but the truth from Ben Swann, an investigative journalist, about:

Ben Swann was an award-winning television reporter, producing a fact-checking news series entitled “Reality Check” at Fox19 in Cincinnati, Ohio when he announced he was leaving Fox19 at the end of May of this year.

On May 30, 2013, he launched the crowdsource-funded “Truth in Media Project,” to produce his new show, “Full Disclosure”.

This is his latest episode.

Video (8:41 mins)



Is Journalism Being Criminalised?

Jeremy Scahill

Journalism is the activity, or product, of journalists or others engaged in the preparation of written, visual, or audio material intended for dissemination through public media with reference to factual, ongoing events of public concern. It is intended to inform society about itself and to make events public that would otherwise remain private.”(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The  catchword of “freedom” in the western democratic world has lost its crystal ringing . . . drowning all aspects of privacy, human rights & civil liberties. Big corporations, money & power rule at the expense of human lives so preciously enshrined constitutionally & propagated. All sense of human values is turned topsy turvy & disregarded under the guise of national security. This is so profoundly pursued in the recent “Snowden” surveillance whistle-blowing phenomenon. There appears to be new sets of law of convenience & interpretation to meet the objectives of Obama Administration, as they did previously with Bush-Cheney Programs.

In the following video interview, Jeremy Scahill, Dirty Wars author & journalist, simply and plainly describes what is happening to the privacy and freedoms of all human beings on planet Earth under the Obama Administration.

He says, “Unless we, as a society make it our business to address the root cause of the problem, which is that corporations are running the the show in the United States, then I don’t have any faith that [any] bill passed by Congress . . . is going to have any meaningful impact . . .”

“One of the fundamentals of a democratic society is a free and vibrant press and the role of journalists in a free and democratic society should be to hold those in power accountable . . . to give a voice to the voiceless, to fill in parts of the story that aren’t being covered by those in power, and to provide information the people can use to make decisions about what policies to support or oppose. 

“What is happening under Obama – and was certainly happening under Bush, is that journalism is being criminalized.

“If you are cutting too close the heart of the National Security State – we have whistle-blowers that are being prosecuted in record numbers by the [so-called] ‘Constitutional Law Expert’ – President, you have journalists that are having their phone records seized, that are being surveilled, are having their discussions intruded upon – the end result of this is an attempt to chill whistle-blowers and to stop . . . people from talking to journalists.

“When you have a White House such as we have right now . . . that engages in official leaks . . . they will leak Classified information or stories that make them look like the great defenders of peace, freedom and democracy around the world. [However,] almost everything they leaked in the immediate aftermath of the Osama Bin Laden raid turned out to be false – but they were managing the story.

“If journalists only have access to the official leaks and the pronouncements of the PR people, spinning for the White House, the Pentagon or the CIA, that’s not a democratic press. That’s not independently-verifiable information.

 “What that is, is propaganda.”

US Democracy is but a name . . . 

Video (6:27 mins)


Lifting the Veil – Barrack Obama & the Failure of Capitalist “Democracy”

Barrack Obama    Change We Can Believe In?

The Scott Noble Film Festival

“Noble is brilliantly pioneering the new film-making . . . incisive analysis, compelling sound and footage, fearless and independent reporting, and the aggregation of the best information out there into powerful, educational and free online feature films – all on a shoestring budget.

His films educate and inform while building the movements needed for real change at the grassroots. Noble’s films are dedicated to democracy; they fan the flames of non-violent, people-powered revolution.”

US democracy is but a name . . . globally it’s going crazy!

John Stauber

John Stauber:  Founder, PR Watch

Video (about 114 mins) MUST WATCH


Eric X Li – “A Tale of Two Political Systems”

Eric X Li's Screen Shot

 It’s interesting to lend two attentive ears to Eric Li‘s view on the meritocracy of the One-Party System of Chinese government. Then you’d be the judge & jury on the question of legitimacy, adaptabiiity, competence, transparency & meritocracy.

Then truth will set you to rethink aboutDemocracy” being the only panacea to political, economic and social ills of nations so often asserted by the western world.

China‘s “We-can-do vision” & its political will & skill has outshone all other nations in the world. It’s a system evolved over thousand of years, though not perfect, but dynamic & ever changing for the better.

It’s unique & not exportable . . . it can perhaps be duplicated with some variations as in Singapore & Vietnam.

The reality of “Chinese Dream” will dawn sooner than expected.

In the Next Ten Yea

  • China will surpass the US & become the largest economy in the world; income per capita will be near the top of all developed countries.

  • Corruption will be curbed, not eliminated, and China will move up 10-20 notches to above 60 in TI ranking.

  • Economic reform will accelerate, political reform will continue, and the one-party system will be holding firm.

It’s a standard assumption in the West: As a society progresses, it eventually becomes a capitalist, multi-party democracy. Right? Eric X. Li, a Chinese investor and political scientist, begs to differ. In this provocative, boundary-pushing talk, he asks his audience to consider that there’s more than one way to run a successful modern nation.”


Eric X Li’s “A Tale of Two Political Systems” 

YouTube Video: 20:37 mins.