Stratosphere Casino Hotel Tower, Las Vegas

  Not a gambler nor a casino junky, but . . .

Are you a hero or zero?

A daredevil adventurer, a thrill-seeker

Or simply an adrenaline junky.

Stratosphere Casino Hotel Tower in Las Vegas awaits you!

Protruding 1,149 feet into the Vegas skyline, the iconic Stratosphere Tower is the tallest freestandingobservation tower in the United States and one of the most exciting attractions among Las Vegas resorts. The exceptional Vegas resort hoteloffers one-of-a-kind thrills you can’t find anywhere else in Las Vegas, including the world’s highest thrill rides. Their newest thrill, SkyJump Las Vegas, is a controlled free fall that sends you jumping off the 108th floor of their Vegas resort tower at a scream-inducing speed. So, if you’re an adrenaline junky, a thrill seeker, or a daredevil – our Vegas resort tower is the place for you.

Three of the highest craziest rides in the world – “out-of-this-world”!

Las Vegas Stratosphere Insanity Ride – the second highest thrill ride in the world. A massive mechanical arm extending out 64 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower at a height of over 900 feet.

Ever played on a giant teeter-totter, 866 feet above the ground? With the X-Scream, you can! Its space age, yet simplistic design resembles a massive teeter-totter or a Vegas roller coaster unlike any other ever seen. X-Scream propels you and several other riders headfirst, 27 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower. Try not to scream when you go over the edge — you don’t want to scare the other riders! After being shot over the edge, you’ll dangle weightlessly above the Las Vegas Strip before being pulled back and propelled over again for more. X-Scream definitely gives Stratosphere a kick!

How about a Vegas amusement park ride that touches the sky?

Strap into the Big Shot and prepare to be shot 160 feet in the air at 45 miles per hour as you overlook the majestic Las Vegas Valley. In a matter of seconds, the Big Shot thrill ride catapults 16 riders from the 921-foot high platform up the Tower’s mast to a height of 1,081 feet and down again. Before you catch your breath, you’ll be shot back up again at forces unmatched by other Vegas thrill parks! Experience a gut-wrenching four ‘G’s of force on the way up, and feel negative ‘G’s on the way down as your legs dangle in the Las Vegas skyline.

Whether you seek affordable accommodations, winning casino action, delicious dining, or live entertainment, you won’t be disappointed with your stay at Stratosphere. Many choose the Stratosphere for the best Las Vegas Strip hotel deals—but that’s just the beginning. Their rooms and suites are first rate and packed with amenities, including free access to this world famous Tower, Level 8 Pool and 24-hour Fitness Center.

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Since its opening in 1996, the 1,149-foot-tall Stratosphere Tower has captured the attention of celebrities and tourists alike. Set at an astounding 869 feet high with a 360-view of the city, the Stratosphere’s outdoor observation deck is the tallest of its kind in the country.

The deck is so high up that you can see helicopters at eye level. But even riding in one of the helicopters can’t compare to the thrill of the Stratosphere rides, which overlook the Strip from the top of the tower

While Las Vegas is the ultimate party destination, there are quite a few people who visit exclusively for the thrill rides. The Stratosphere offers three out-of-this world rides sure to get you screaming.

If these rides seem too intense, there’s no need to miss out on all the fun. Visitors can still watch their adventurous friends on the rides from the 857-foot high indoor deck.

There’s something for all ages.

The best time to come out to the deck is near sunset. Guests can admire the rainbow of colors in the sky followed by the lights illuminating the city just minutes after.

For the romantics how about an evening with a view, wine and dine at the Top of the World restaurant. This restaurant features a moving floor which takes a complete hour to rotate a full 360 degrees. After dinner, guests can relax in the intimate setting of Romance Lounge.

Our two nights stay on 8 & 9 of August 2012 is quite an experience. However our golden years cannot match up with the bronze years of the youth to participate in those “space-age” rides!


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