Ten of the World’s Richest without College Degree

By P Chong                                 9 November 2011

 It’s said that some are born rich, others achieve riches and

still others have riches thrust upon them.

It’s found however, that if you’re gifted with a special talent

then riches will be yours to have.

Ten of the world’s richest persons are without college degree. They range from sportsmen, actors, singers, technologists and others. The common denominator is talent or special skill.

Now the question is whether education is at all essential for the road to riches. Not necessary so. There are evidences of professors or highly educated persons ending in poverty. In short, education is supposed to equip you for the life ahead of you. Really education is an unending process, that is why from the womb to the tomb, you’re always learning. Knowledge is dynamic & expandable.

Here are some questions to consider:

    • Need you go to school from the cradle to the grave?

    • What benefits do you hope to get out of education?

    • Will you really be able to apply your acquired knowledge to your life’s practical activities?

    • Can skill, talent, attitude & other positives be acquired through education?

    • In a word, will education ensure riches?

The following Ten are some of the world’s richest persons:

Here’s to show you the ‘Irony of Life’ :

Most ‘First Class’ students get technical seats, some become Doctors and some Engineers.

* The ‘Second Class’ pass, and then get MBA, become Administrators and control the ‘First Class’.

* The ‘Third Class’ pass, enter politics and Become Ministers and control both.

* Last, but not the least, The ‘Failures’ join the underworld and control all the above.

And those who do not attend any school, become Swamis and Gurus and Everyone goes to them.  



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