Cymbidium Orchids – Springfield, Kalamunda

By P Chong

Orchids ever so beautiful and lasting

Prized for their beauty & durability

Their quality & variety beyond compare

Come Spring even faint hearts dare!

Spring is the season for orchids. They come in a variety of colours, shape & sizes. It’s the

flower that walks & captures the heart with its fragrance & charm, beauty & sweetness such as like nowhere to be found.

Nado Lenkic – Owner Operator

There’s a place called “Springfield” at 32 Lyndhurst Road, Kalamunda, W. Australia which specialises in Cymbidium Orchids. I have known the owner-operator Nado since the mid-80s. It’s his home & his large backyard provides him with lots of space for sheds for his beautiful Cymbidium orchids. He can be reached on (08) 9293 3196 or email: He even has a website:

Kalamunda, a delightful place to visit, is up in Perth Hills, which used to serve as a holiday place for recreation & rest for the people down below.

I have found his prices to be very fair and good in terms of value as compared to a lot of large commercial nurseries.

The Chinese calligraphy symbols on this scroll poem say “The most beautiful orchids grow on the bottom of the gorge, the orchids fragrance fills the forest.”


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