This Land Of Ours

Image via Wikipedia - Greater Middle East

By P Chong

This land could be Australia, Malaysia or Middle East . . . OR A PROWLING IMPERIALISM!

THIS LAND  is not my land

Neither is it your land

This land is God‘s gift

To inherit it you must fit

That you love one another

Sharing with one another

Giving and not just taking

The only this land will prosper

Together we shall have a life that’s proper

Australia will grow and progress

And each one of us will beget success.

Whatever you may possess, you are but a custodian . . . for nothing really ever belong to anybody in terms of time & space . . . eternity! We are but passing ships that sail through the night. With each dawn, there’s the new port of call . . . everything is in transition – nothing of permanence.

But the land will be there for all times & throughout eternity. Many a great general in historical past,  or like the Trojans or the Romans, ALL have come & gone. What’s sense is there to fight & dare . . . to invade & dominate ?

Let’s co-operate & share with one another for the benefits of all!


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