Karaoke Extravaganza

Karaoke Extravaganza

IMGA Galaxy of Stars

Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.” – Psalm 96:1

My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you.” – Psalm 63:5

( The word “Psalms” come from the Septuagint which is the Greek translation of the Old Testament where it originally referred to the stringed instrument like the harp, lyre and lute and then to songs sung with their accompaniment.)

Biblically, the word “sing” occurs some 32 times, most frequently being in the Psalms. For the romantics, you are probably more familiar with this saying “if music be the food of love play on.” It ‘s been said too that a merry heart is good medicine for the soul. No doubt, music has a way of melting even the most savaged hearts and changing lives. Therefore, sing and be happy!

Karaoke is a Japanese tradition, which has come to capture the minds and hearts of men all over the world. The Japanese word “Karaoke” literally means “empty orchestra”. The pastime has become so popular that it is listed in the latest editions of both Japanese and English dictionaries.

China is a singing nation. You’ll only have to watch CCTV on satellite TV to astound yourself with the galore of singing stars, both amateur & professional, young & old, vying to be heard. Just about everyone sings! From the pure basic home entertainment, bars & the stage, singing range from the traditional folk or classic, modern tunes, pop & rock to the very classic of Eastern & Western opera. Whenever & wherever festivals reign, singing grips the mind & hearts of people without restrain!

Karaoke is the ultimate “family friendly” form of entertainment. No doubt it is prevalent in bars and taverns and restaurants, especially some Chinese restaurants. Anyone can sing along to karaoke. A wide range of songs and music are available with lyrics and tempo indication to guide you along. Karaoke is always good for a laugh if you are plain amateurish. Some Karaoke singers are really “professional” and as with a few doctors and dentists known to me, they not only sway your hearts and minds but also provide you with something that no medicine can buy!

Often home parties are lavished with delicious home cooked foods and the rotation of hosting such parties, eagerly awaited for, is unending and more frequent than your social calendar can hold. With good food, good fellowship and good entertainment, what better alternative is there? The very serious enthusiasts go for voice training and professional coaching. We are never short of talents comparable to such singing greats as Teresa Teng, Anita Mui or Elton John and Elvis. For the more conservatives, Pat Boone, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Tom Jones, Cliff Richard and others are among the favourites. Some home groups like to sing Mandarin or Cantonese songs while others are more inclined to sing in English. Tribute must also be given to the Filipinos, the Burmese and Karens and Indonesians, for they’re known traditionally to be more singing oriented.

IMG_0001Truly Professional Stars

With the affordability and availability of DVD players, karaoke has come a long way from Japan’s Kobe City some 20 years ago . . . from long playing tapes, cassette tapes, big laser discs, VCDs to DVDs. Who knows what the future has in store with the rate of technological advances and computerisation.

Karaoke is good clean fun – an enjoyable form of cheap entertainment. It is an excellent way of bringing people together and keeping families together. Get goofy and sing off-key! Who cares! But just don’t “expire” and be interred with your bones with the best music waiting to be sung! You may yet be a singing great waiting to be head hunted by talent scouts from Hollywoods!

My only lament is that there is a lack of good Christian Karaoke VCDs or DVDs. Churchgoers sing in churches and when at home singing stops. You should have no fear or qualm singing to the LORD, for He loves you singing praises unto Him, just like King David did. Yes, sing to the LORD with a new song!

Karaoke Lunch

Sing & Be Happy!

Paul Chong

A Karaoke Enthusiast

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2 thoughts on “Karaoke Extravaganza

  1. wong kokw wah

    I have made left a comment after reading your blog on “The overseas Chinese…Malaysia”.

    Kindly delete my comments completely as I do
    not want to be detained under the Internal Security Act here for writing a” seditious anti-racial” comments.

    Please give your immediate & URGENT attention to this matter as the ruling government is very serious about this threat.

  2. Mariya Stephen

    Paul I always enjoyed the times when we used to have our Karaoke Session. In fact I miss the good times when you’d always organize the competitions and very successful too. Nowadays nobody take the time to organize any events like you used to do; gone are the wonderful times that we used to have having you being our leader. Paul what is happening to our life? Suddenly we are all caught with our hectic life working, run here and there, no more relaxing time, just work and very stressful and frustrating, especially for me my life just became very busy and I am getting very tired. I long for those days that we used to have you dropping by with Raymond and have our lovely conversation and a cup of coffee – sharing the free time with no worries, but now everything has changed from better to worst. The days and times are getting shorter and we just don’t have the time anymore to enjoy our life. Paul you have always been a good friend, very kind, supportive and understanding and I always appreciate everything that you have done for us. May God Bless you with Divine Health, Happiness and Long Healthy Life. Sorry I am not good in giving comment I enjoy all the email that you sent to me especially all the presentation. Thanks Mariya N Family

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