An Affair to Remember: Tony & Wendi

Keith Ruppert & Wendi MurdochKeith Rupert Murdoch (82) & Wendi Deng (44) 

Tony BlairTony Blair (60) 

Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, who together with Bush formed that infamous team of Iraq invasion over WMD , has done it again. This time though not rocking Middle East (as the present European envoy) is now rocking the marital bliss of the giant Murdochs.

Juicy rumours whispering off around middle of June 2013


Tony, supported by his wife Cherie, however, has denied having an affair with Wendi Deng.

Unfounded rumours about the former Prime Minister swept the internet after it was revealed media tycoon Mr Rupert Murdoch, 82, is divorcing stunning Wendi Deng, 44, after 14 years.

But sources close to barrister Cherie – mum to Mr Blair’s four children – have told the Sunday People she is certain her husband was not intimate with Wendi.

Someone said: “Cherie isn’t having any of it. She knows these rumours are absolute nonsense. She trusts Tony implicitly and knows he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her or their kids. She is bemused and baffled by the whole thing”.

Cherie has been telling those close to her that she is upset that people would say such things. Besides, Tony wouldn’t dare. He’s too scared of Cherie.

Both the Blairs are close friends of the Murdochs. And Tony is godfather to their daughter Grace.

In response to a piece written on US website Hollywood Reporter, the spokesman said: “If you are asking if they are having an affair, the answer is no.”

Mr Blair became close to Mr Murdoch during his time as Labour Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007.

He was present at nine-year-old Grace’s star-studded baptism ceremony on the banks of the River Jordan in 2010.

While pictures of the event appeared in Hello! magazine, there was no mention of Mr Blair’s involvement.

Mr Blair was dragged into the mystery over the decision by billionaire Rupert Murdoch and third wife Ms Deng to file for divorce after unfounded rumours swept the internet on both sides of the Atlantic.

Giving evidence to the Leveson inquiry into Press standards he said he had only a “working relationship” with the tycoon as PM but became close to him after leaving office.

Speculation about why they split reached fever-pitch after BBC business editor Robert Peston wrote on Twitter: “Am also told that undisclosed reasons for Murdoch divorcing Deng are jaw-dropping – and hate myself for wanting to know what they are.”

Papers filed in New York said that their relationship had “broken down irretrievably”.

Wendi is known best for punching a protestor who threw a foam pie at her husband during a Parliamentary hearing into phone hacking two years ago.

The exact source of the whispers is impossible to trace, but Deng’s relationships with powerful men, including Blair, are well known. Vogue reported in 2011, “Her conversation was peppered with famous names: her closest friends include [Hugh] Jackman, Nicole Kidman and Tony Blair (all of whom are godparents to the couple’s children, all of whom attended the christening garbed in white, as the guests of Queen Rania, on the banks of the river Jordan), and ‘the Google guys’, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.”

Wolff, in “Tony Blair and the Murdochs: A Family Affair,” wrote, “Blair becomes one of Wendi’s first official social conquests, in her developing role both as Murdoch social emissary and social power player. Wendi Murdoch becomes a curious wrinkle in the power equation — a way for Blair to see himself as having control of Murdoch, of joining with Wendi to handle him.” The language is certainly suggestive.


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