United States of America: Possible Breaking Up?

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By P Chong                                   Wednesday, 17 August 2011

 As though things weren’t bad enough for the Americans, Russian Prof. Igor Panarin, 50 years old, a former KGB analyst, Dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry‘s academy for future diplomats, invited to Kremlin receptions, lectures students, publishes books, and appears in the media as an expert on U.S.-Russia relations, predicted the breaking up of the United States of America in 2010.

 Greed & cut-throat politics have left the United States in political stalemate.

Bankruptcy covers the US political landscape.

Source: RCG illustration/Paula C. Rondeau

Generally, all politicians initially start off with similar idealistic goals like peace, prosperity, health & success for everyone. The problem is not with the question of policy but implementation and polarisation results.

Democracy is “Demo Crazy” as demonstrated crazily all over the world.

With crippling unemployment, home foreclosures, years of overspending, and the makings of a second Great Depression, American citizens have called on politicians to do just one thing – unite & work together.

However, over the decades, political rift between left & right has grown from the size of a sidewalk crack to opposite ledges of the Grand Canyon – with miles of desolate, rocky terrain between the two . . . making it increasingly difficult to work in unity. Something has to give. Either the nation discovers the way to true unity, or it will disintegrate or dismantle itself from within.

It’s not a question of being “too big to fall or fail” but more so of being “falling harder.” The larger and more complex a system, the more likely it is to break down. A simple pendulum with few moving parts could last many more years.

America now has a population of some 300 million people, 50 states, and more federal, state and local agencies than anyone can possibly list. It is hard to govern such a large, complex and populous system when anything goes seriously wrong.

A lot is going wrong right now.

The U.S. military agrees that the chance of a break down in the system is real:

  • the use of American troops to quell civil unrest is likely if worsening economic crisis persists

  • warning that the U.S. military must prepare for a “violent, strategic dislocation inside the United States” that could be provoked by “unforeseen economic collapse” or “loss of functioning political and legal order.”

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn warned of riots and unrest in global markets if the ongoing financial crisis is not addressed and lower-income households are beset with credit constraints and rising unemployment, the Phoenix Business Journal reported.

The Defence Department has made plans to deploy 20,000 troops nationwide by 2011 to help state and local officials respond to emergencies.

In other words, the government is predicting that systems will break down.

Here’s an amazing outlook, hilarious too!

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a convenient way of measuring and comparing the size of national economies. Annual GDP represents the market value of all goods and services produced within a country in a year. Put differently:GDP = consumption + investment + government spending + (exports – imports)

Frank Jacobs loves maps, but finds most atlases too predictable. He collects and comments on all kinds of intriguing maps—real, fictional, and what-if ones—and has been writing the Strange Maps blog since 2006, first on WordPress and now for Big Think. His map “US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs” has been viewed more than 587,000 times. An anthology of maps from this blog was published by Penguin in 2009 and can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Creator of this strange map: Frank Jacobs

5 thoughts on “United States of America: Possible Breaking Up?

  1. J. Okas

    It is really frightening given Russia’s past history in occupying countries , for example the dreadful 50 years occupation if the Baltic States who only regained independence in the early 90 s

  2. Michael

    Nationalism is still strong in US. It will be the people pushing the government to make the changes needed vs a disintegrated states. US people has the ability to stand up together in the time of urgency and may be able to pressure politicians to come together. Without people’s support the politicians are nobody. Unless politicians and army have different agenda….that can be ugly.

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