Chime-Long Xiangjiang Safari Park, Guangzhou, China

By P Chong                                                                        5 March 2011

Names of the 12 pandas

For the first time these Pandas were on show at the recent 2010 Asian Game in Guangzhou

Chime-Long Xiangjiang Safari Park, covering an area of 130 hectares and located in the biggest city Guangzhou in south China, is the biggest animal theme park in Asia. Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park is located in Dashi Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, 35mins from the heart of Guangzhou City. It’s a popular week-end outing place for Hong Kong residents, especially parents with kids.

Since its opening to the public in 1997, the Park has admitted over 10,000,000 tourists as of 27 April 2006. It has successfully imported 6 lovely koalas from Australia . . . the first time any organization in mainland China – an event recognised internationally that the Park been accepted as a world class animal park. Adding to their koala’s story of success was the successful birth of 4 baby koalas (joeys) in late 2006, including a set of extremely rare koala twins. The twins are only the second set of twins to be born in captivity, with the last set being born more than 50 years ago.

Rare White Tigers

As a world class animal park, it has also bred successfully 150 white tigers all from one. White tigers are unique and they have a special spot in the hearts of the Chinese as an animal of rare fortune. A few of these white tigers are even kept in the glass enclosure of the theme park hotel, adjoining the dinning area for visitors’ viewing & photography.

Private cars could just drive through the Park, slowly & leisurely, stopping frequently for photographing a wide range of animals from creatures great & small and also to have the pleasure of feeding them. The deers would come right up to the vehicles and eat off the food from feeding hands.

The zoo is broken into 2 main sections, the “Safari on Foot” section where guests walk around a modern zoo, and a “Safari on Wheels” section where guest’s board road trains and private cars to travel through three impressive open plains sections which are the Asian Plains, Predatory zone and African Savannah.

During the recent Asian Games held in Guangzhou, Chime-Long Park had 12 pandas for display there & to welcome participants & tourists. They are so unlike other known bears, even more distinct & famous than the Australian koalas.

Kids simply love this place. When night falls, there is the world-class circus performance in all its glorious colours.






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