It’s Just A Bend . . . Not The End!

By P Chong                                                                                                             Monday, 7 March 2011

It’s a beautiful world we live in

Life’s full of problems. As long as life exists, problems persist.

When life ceases then problem perishes.

Would you rather then have life & all that it entails?

The frailties & vanities of life are all that in their entireties!

They say that going to bed & sleeping it off generally helps a lot. Things somehow always look better with the dawn of a new day. Give your mind that needed peace & rest easing your heart from undue stress.

Life is a journey. For some it’s long & tedious. Others may be brief & short. We have no way of determining its duration. We can, however, able to determine our endurance. Are we made of the sterner stuff to brave the storms of life or are we just weaklings to succumb to every fall? Get up & stand tall & courageously face it all! Remember what they say: when life gets tough, the tough gets going.

All things in life are temporary. Eternity is for the angels. The way things are going in this world, hell is the answer. Doomsday will sweep away all the “boomdays”. If going well . . . enjoy . . . nothing last forever. If going wrong . . . worry not, . . . it can’t last long either.

Source: Photobucket – Life’s Good      Thank God. It’s just a bend . . . not the end!
In your life’s journey, accept all the sorrow with the potholes . . . climb each hill with zeal & thrill . . . face all the perils & brave the storms . . . have your goal & shoot your ball . . . and live life as though there’s no tomorrow. At the end of the day, be thankful unto the Lord that He has preserved you well to grant you grace to brave another swell.

6 thoughts on “It’s Just A Bend . . . Not The End!

  1. Tan Hau Kiang

    Excellent piece and so timely to read this post after my gruelling climb up Gunung Ledang on Saturday (5-03-2011). It took me a whole 8 hours to go up and down Ledang. Couldn’t agree more with you that life’s a journey is to be lived!

    1. Paul

      Thanks Hau Kiang. Swell not my head lest I falter & fade. Glad to share & be of help! This is a lesson in life geography.

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