Glaucoma – A Glimpse Of Hope Perhaps?

By P Chong                                                                                                                          4 March 2011

 As a victim of glaucoma, when the ophthalmic surgeon keeps repeatedly telling you there’s no cure, I am game to try anything in the field of alternative or herbal medicine . . . perhaps to catch a glimpse of hope.   Every three months, I dutifully & faithfully visit my eye doctor as required. Though both my eye pressure has been maintained within the normal range, there is no other good news except to keep on with the daily & nightly eye drops: Alphagan, Lumigan & Cosopt and to keep on visiting him every three months. All he can do is to keep my present eye sight under control & prevent any deterioration. No other treatment is available presently!  The problem is the dead optic nerve which no longer transmit sight images to the brain.

Perhaps now there is a glimpse of hope! With strides being made in stem cell technology, gene therapy, surely further researches could bring about possible cure.

Now, I have just read hat Glaucoma may be treated with Chinese herbs, micro-acupuncture and or micro-current stimulation (MCS).

Micro Acupuncture is a procedure involving 48 newly discovered acupuncture points located only in the hands and feet, and not associated with any other acupuncture system. These points were discovered by Andy Freddy Dahlgren, D.Ss., D. Ac., M.Ac .F., M.D. in Denmark in 1984 and researched by Dr. Dahlgren and Dr. Per G. Otte, D. Sc., D. Ac., M.Ac .F. More than 5,000 people have been treated with this procedure throughout Europe, and over 10,000 people have benefited from Micro Acupuncture treatment in the US. 98% of the patients treated have had a marked improvement in their vision.

Micro-Current Stimulation (MCS) is an enhanced adaptation of a FDA approved therapy used by anesthesiologists, orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons and rehabilitative specialists to promote the healing of wounds and transplanted tissues as well as to treat pain.

Glaucoma is such an insidious disease that can be difficult to detect until a significant amount of vision is lost. Glaucoma is often referred to as the “silent thief”, because most individuals with undiagnosed glaucoma do not suffer from any symptoms until they begin to notice a reduction in their peripheral vision.

If you find this information useful, please pass it on. Please consult your own doctor.

Update Inserted on 3 January 2019 . . . Scientists have successfully used stem cells in the case of two patients in UK.

Sight is such a special gift from God
Without which dark is the world!
You may lose your sight
But don’t ever lose your vision
So said Swami Vivikananda.



























































































































































































GlaucomA January









One thought on “Glaucoma – A Glimpse Of Hope Perhaps?

  1. Aruna

    dear sir,
    when my IOP was 16/16 i was diagnosed with glaucoma(3 years ago). My eye site is good(6/6) and the vision filed results was also good.
    No any other test except the eye examination with ophthalmoscope done.
    now due to use of eye drops my IOP is 12/14
    Do I really have glaucaoma?

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