A Special & Exciting Weekend For Matti

By P Chong                  Sunday, 20 Dec. 2009

Matti Planted On Top Of The World With An Aussie Flag - could be seen from afar.

Come each weekend it’s a retreat to Perth Hills for for our daughter Agnes, husband Darren & their two boys, Mattheson & Nathanael. Our home in Lesmurdie is situated just above the Mundy Reional Park, formerly known as Lesmiurdie Falls National Park – only a stoner throw away. This is as a result of upgrade & improvement completed in October 2009 with new tracks for trackers,concrete tables & seats with terrazzo surfaces,improved toilet & washroom facilities with easy access for the handicapped, ramps, well laid-out parking spaces for over thirty vehicles, not counting other possible parking places.

This place is frequented by local visitors who enjoy bush walking, tracking, the waterfalls, gurgling stream, wild flowers, trees, grasstrees (formerly more commonly known as blackboys)in abundance, rocks, unobstructed vista view of the City of Perth, the airport, and on clear days views to the Rottnest Island.

Welcome to Mundy Regional Park
Our Home From Across The Escarpment
Matti With The Planted Aussie Flag

Matti: “Upon this rock, I plant the flag & henceforth declare this piece of property to be mine & mine alone in the name of my Sovereign self, Mattheson Meerwald.”

Father & Son
King Of All I Survey!
A Low Branch Bridging Over The Gurgling Stream
Matti's Virgin Camping Experience
"So this is how we set up the tent, Daddy"

What a nice weekend with such outdoor activities!

“Can we do it again next week?” Matti asked.

“Of course, as long as you like!” said grandpa Paul.


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