New U.S. Dollars For 2010

By P Chong                     Monday, 21 December 2009

BREAKING NEWS . . . 24 April 2010The Treasury Department of the Unites States of America has announced that they are introducing a new 100 dollar bill, which hasn’t been remade since 1996. © AP

Ben S. Bernanke Swearing-In

Never fail to be amazed by the American authorities over their ways of deception in covering up events & keeping them under wrap for tens & tens of years. In the interest of national security, they often get away even with murder. Through the intricate web of the CIA, no information can be fathomed, and who through their secret mighty arms undoubtedly have been causing political upheavals globally.

Now with the economy in shambles, unemployment hitting double-digit limit, the continuing fall in the value of the Greenback, the US Federal Treasury printing away its paper money without relent . . . Obama Administration has yet to come up with any positive solution except digging its hole deeper & deeper for its ultimate burial!

Now perhaps, Ben S. Bernanke, who was first sworn in on February 1, 2006, has just been endorsed by the Senate panel for another term as Federal Reserve Chairman, has “finally” made a “right” move in coming out with the nation’s new dollar bills, including introducing a $200 dollar bill in 2010. As with Time’s pick of Bernanke as the Man of the Year receiving few cheers on Capitol Hill, this “new clothing” will be more of a distraction than attraction in solving the nation’s dire economy & its dwindling world domination.

Pictures of New US Dollars in 2010

Be the first to know the new U.S. Dollars.
                                                          There is $200 bill start from year 2010

Could the move be nothing but a rumour? However, it’s interesting just reading about it . . . showing how desperate the American authorities are. Dressing up the dollars & giving them a new look might lift the economy . . . anything to offset the gloom & doom. Perhaps it might just boom come 2010.

The imminent issue of the new million-dollar bills would not only celebrate the hyper-stagflation expected by the beginning of 2010, but also ward off more rumours & speculations by a Russian Professor Igor Panarin about the breaking up of the U.S. into parts & parcels of smaller states with the nations of the world having a feast or a piece of the cake! (Please read my article “Empires Rise Empires Fall In Peace Or In War” October 27, 2009).

Will a new global reserve currency replace the US Dollar in 2010? With Bernanke continuing in creating massive supplies of U.S. Dollars, the coming new year may yet bring louder voices demanding that the dollar be replaced. The outlook does not seem bright!

From a Weiss Research Inc. recent survey, it’s said that more than 90% of their readers believe that “Washington will NOT stop its spending /borrowing/money-printing binge in time to avoid a bond market meltdown . . . soaring interest rates . . . and, ultimately, a tragic, double-dip recession.”

Interestingly, from a recent RT-TV Keiser Report, it is said that American is now a Banana Republic without the Banana!

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8 thoughts on “New U.S. Dollars For 2010

  1. Alcofribase Nazier

    The titles of your articles in the archives are good evidences that truly reflect the real state of affairs.
    Truth often hurts!

  2. Martin Chung

    We should not underestimate the yanks. They are smart and know when and how to manage other economies thro their corridors of power play.
    Like Rome, any grand empire will come to an end one day no matter how mighty and powerful it is. History will tell and the Americans can then blame a blackman for their troubles. How can 1-2 terms presidency solve an issue that was created centuries ago.

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