Operation Eagle Crawl

Lest We forget . . .

By P Chong                               30 April 2010

Operation Eagle Claw (or Operation Evening Light) was a United States military operation that attempted to rescue 52 Americans from the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran on 24 April 1980. The attempt was aborted when three helicopters that were part of the operation were damaged by a sandstorm or forced to return to the carrier USS Nimitz (CVN-68). As the U.S. force prepared to leave Iran, a refuelling accident led to the remaining helicopters and a C-130 Hercules refuelling aircraft being destroyed or left behind, and the deaths of eight American servicemen.”

To the Iranians, the above debacle or disaster was interpreted as an act of Divine intervention. The Iranians had but very slim chance of any success against the might of the American force.

Lest we forget!

Repainted RH-53Ds in sand camouflage and without markings aboard Nimitz.

On the part of the Americans, the Operation was meticulously planned & prepared. As with the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan (or the past wars in Korea & Vietnam), the Americans were never short of detailed planning & preparation. Their military strength & strategies were always hailed with great enthusiasm & optimism. How could they fail – Goliath against David?

Air Force AC-130

The Operation was designed as a complex two-night mission. The first stage of the mission involved delivering a rescue team of of U.S. Army SFOD-D operators to a small “staging site”, named as Desert One, inside Iran, near Tabas in the Yazd Province. The site Desert One was to be used as a temporary airstrip for the the three USAF special operations MC-130E Combat Talon I penetration/transport aircraft & three EC-130E Hercules, each of the latter installed with a pair of collapsible fuel bladders containing 6,000 U.S. gallons of jet fuel.

The burned out wreckage of one of the RH-53 with an intact one sitting in the background

Suffice for me to say that every inch of the military operation was precisely & timely planned. Nothing was left to chance. They had the helicopters, aircrafts, trucks for transporting the ground troops, aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in the nearby Indian Ocean, a “hide site” in Desert Two to conceal the helicopters, top commanding generals – just about bit of military power & strength to overpower their poorly equipped Iranians. Of course, they never left out the services of the CIA.

Yet, against all odds, disaster struck & the victims were the Americans. The Iranians were the unexpected victors! It looked like God was never kind to the Americans . . . one defeat after another . . . so unimaginable!

From the Iranians’ perspective, they deemed it as a miracle, an act of Divine intervention. It did appear to be as it was. But when will the Americans learn? When will they ever stop pushing their military weight around & threatening every nation on earth? God alone knows.

The 53 Americans were held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981, after a group of Islamist students & militants took over the American Embassy in support of the Iranian Revolution. The Americans should have persevered in their release through diplomatic means, but I guess pride & haughtiness got in the way as always happened. This embarrassing & unfortunate episode is otherwise referred to as Iranian Hostage Crisis.

It ended with the signing of the Algiers Accords in Algeria on January 19, 1981. The hostages were formally released into United States custody the following day, just minutes after the new American President Ronald Reagan was sworn in.

Now, with the present Iran nuclear question, will the Americans strike the first blow again possibly as an entanglement of “vengeance and mutual incomprehension”? God forbids!

War is so senseless.

It doesn’t solve problems.

Atrocities of war spell only misery & suffering.

It’s a lose lose situation for all parties involved.

The only ones benefitting are the manufacturers of war weapons & equipments.

Source: Wikipedia & Aljazeera TV Report (26 April 2010)



New U.S. Dollars For 2010

By P Chong                     Monday, 21 December 2009

BREAKING NEWS . . . 24 April 2010The Treasury Department of the Unites States of America has announced that they are introducing a new 100 dollar bill, which hasn’t been remade since 1996. © AP

Ben S. Bernanke Swearing-In

Never fail to be amazed by the American authorities over their ways of deception in covering up events & keeping them under wrap for tens & tens of years. In the interest of national security, they often get away even with murder. Through the intricate web of the CIA, no information can be fathomed, and who through their secret mighty arms undoubtedly have been causing political upheavals globally.

Now with the economy in shambles, unemployment hitting double-digit limit, the continuing fall in the value of the Greenback, the US Federal Treasury printing away its paper money without relent . . . Obama Administration has yet to come up with any positive solution except digging its hole deeper & deeper for its ultimate burial!

Now perhaps, Ben S. Bernanke, who was first sworn in on February 1, 2006, has just been endorsed by the Senate panel for another term as Federal Reserve Chairman, has “finally” made a “right” move in coming out with the nation’s new dollar bills, including introducing a $200 dollar bill in 2010. As with Time’s pick of Bernanke as the Man of the Year receiving few cheers on Capitol Hill, this “new clothing” will be more of a distraction than attraction in solving the nation’s dire economy & its dwindling world domination.

Pictures of New US Dollars in 2010

Be the first to know the new U.S. Dollars.
                                                          There is $200 bill start from year 2010

Could the move be nothing but a rumour? However, it’s interesting just reading about it . . . showing how desperate the American authorities are. Dressing up the dollars & giving them a new look might lift the economy . . . anything to offset the gloom & doom. Perhaps it might just boom come 2010.

The imminent issue of the new million-dollar bills would not only celebrate the hyper-stagflation expected by the beginning of 2010, but also ward off more rumours & speculations by a Russian Professor Igor Panarin about the breaking up of the U.S. into parts & parcels of smaller states with the nations of the world having a feast or a piece of the cake! (Please read my article “Empires Rise Empires Fall In Peace Or In War” October 27, 2009).

Will a new global reserve currency replace the US Dollar in 2010? With Bernanke continuing in creating massive supplies of U.S. Dollars, the coming new year may yet bring louder voices demanding that the dollar be replaced. The outlook does not seem bright!

From a Weiss Research Inc. recent survey, it’s said that more than 90% of their readers believe that “Washington will NOT stop its spending /borrowing/money-printing binge in time to avoid a bond market meltdown . . . soaring interest rates . . . and, ultimately, a tragic, double-dip recession.”

Interestingly, from a recent RT-TV Keiser Report, it is said that American is now a Banana Republic without the Banana!

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