Is Tiger Woods Chinese?

By P Chong                                   Thursday, 17 December 2009

Symbolically: Jubilant Now . . . Falling On His Knees Later!

Tiger Woods roars & roams in America

He’d really be more at home in China!

This is on account he’s largely being Chinese

By descent from grandpa a Chinese

And mother a Thai-Chinese.

As an avid social golfer, any news concerning Tiger Woods interest me greatly. Ever since he broke his much-guarded home privacy, the celebrity is generating more than just ripples in the media world. Everybody wants to know more about this tiger that pounced & turned its fangs & claws upon philandering grounds.

Having conquered the golfing world at such young age & being the richest sportsman in the world, the first of its billionaire, he has everything in life – a multi-million dollar home, a beautiful wife Elin and two kids. What more can a man ask for? I guess it has all to do with the need for new conquests & a passion for new excitement or he was simply getting restless!

The Happy Tiger Family

In his own website, he admitted his indiscretion, not been fair to his family & that he’s not perfect. Tiger Woods’ problems are entirely his own making. As a famous public figure, he’s taken as a role model. The young expect him so, and his advertisers & sponsors expect him to be more so. Obviously, his private behaviour is of great public interest. In America where sensation means fast bucks there can be no relenting! Elin Nordegrin (29), who initially seemed to have stood by her man, is now reported to be wanting a divorce & of course a big hefty settlement.

Well-Doctored Sensation with Golf Iron & Even A Golf Ball Stuck to His Left Ear!

Is Tiger Woods getting any Afro-American support at all? Not at all, as far as can be seen. Tiger himself has always claimed & attributed his glory to the sum total of his Asian-African heritage. His grandfather was a full-blooded Chinese who married a black woman. Then Tiger’s father himself married a Thai-Chinese woman. In all reckoning, Tiger carries a fair dominant share of Chinese blood in him.

His grandfather’s name was “Wu” which is quite a common Chinese surname. Needless to say, to ward off the early days of minority racial discrimination in America, he anglicised “Wu” to “Woods”.

In Australia, during the early days a lot of the Chinese immigrants adopted English names & even married Australian wives. The most famous being LJ Hooker, the renowned real estate man, who was initially working in the railway shunting yards, hooking carriages. So Hooker was born.

Hooker didn’t look like an Aussie, but I have a friend who does together with his whole family bearing the name “Shanhun”. His grandfather was a Chinese, married an Aussie woman and this trend was followed down from one generation to the next. Very cleverly, his grandfather had combined his middle two Chinese names to form one “Shanhun” as an Australian surname. In look & speech, my friend could fool you that he’s an Australian.

Is marriage infidelity a crime? I don’t think it is considered as such anywhere in the world. If Tiger Woods weren’t who he is with so much at stake financially, it wouldn’t have even got a mention in the paper. If he were a Chinese citizen, would the reception be different? Isn’t marriage infidelity strictly a private matter & hence to be resolved between husband & wife & children, if any?

In the wake of sex scandals Tiger Woods suffers huge popularity plunge, advertisers (except Nike) deserting him, and now his wife Elin has moved with the kids out of his $40 million dollar mansion in Orlando.

JAMIE JUNGERS, alleged 4th Mistress

The fame & fortune that golf built got badly hit. Tiger Woods’ drives are not hitting the green, but are going astray right through the woods & hitting many other heads – blonde or brunette, all sexy & tall!

Will this drama end as one of “forgive & forget”, redeem for the esteem?

Or  all involved parties jumping in for the share of the spoils?

On his death bed, Earl Woods gave Tiger the following advice:
“Focus on golf. Fuck everything else.”

Breaking News:24 August 2010  Tiger & hjs wife of 6 years 8 months are now divorced. They have shared custody of their two children. Officially, this could cost him up to US$750 million.


5 thoughts on “Is Tiger Woods Chinese?

  1. Heng Ee- The Beverley Cook


    Most interesting article. Having read so many rubbish stuff in the tabloids, your article is indeed refreshing.


  2. Martin Chung

    Tiger Woods’s wife is no angel as the media set her up. There are explicit photos of her and one wonders what she is up to… bullshit and $$.

  3. I found your blog because I wanted more information on your expertise. I run a blog and I am looking for good content to link to for future posts. I like you site so I am adding you to my google reader.

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