Zhouzhuang – “The Venice of China”

Zhouzhuang – “The Venice of China”

912508-Zhouchuang_entrance-ZhouzhuangEntrance to Zhouzhuang


Hailing from Jiangsu area in southern China among as host of ancient water towns, Zhouzhuang is undoubtedly the better known among the tourists. Like Xitang or the others, it’s only a small place with inter-crossing canals, so no motor vehicles. You can easily cover this interesting place known as “Venice of China” by foot. It’s within reach 30 km from Suzhou & 90 km from Shanghai – serving well as a week-end retreat even for the Shanghainese. It is a photographic paradise for both the amateur or professional. It’s stupendous for its sights in architecture, history & culture.

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2 thoughts on “Zhouzhuang – “The Venice of China”

  1. Zhouzhuang – “The Venice of China” – Great place – it reminds me of Li Jiang, also a UNESCO Heritage Site. Sounds like a very interesting place to visit – a town built on eight islands connected by dozens of bridges – I love bridges esp old ones!

  2. martin chung

    It is beautiful and it looks cleaner than Venice in Italy – it smells there and the Italians con you when you sit for coffee…unethical guys!

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