The World’s Longest Golf Course

By P Chong                       Friday, 25 December 2009

Australia pride itself as the world’s most sporty nation. It is thus

not surprising to find the Aussies excel in many sports & games. Now, Australia has come out with “The World’s Longest Golf Course”.Believe it or not, it has just been

completed in 2009 & the attraction is now available to the general public.

We are referring to the Nullabor Golf Links – the Real Australian Golf Course. It is unique, exceptional & only one of its kind anywhere in the world. Imagine teeing off in Kalgoorlie, Western Auistralia, knowing excitedly that the 18th hole is some 1365 kilometres away in Ceduna, South Australia.

Whether you are a golf fanatic, a Nullabor traveller, or you simply like outdoor sports, the Nullabor Golf Course is sure to satisfy you! Be amazed by the thrills & spills including the frustration of the game & be taken in as a sum total of your out of this world’s experience.

This will be setting you up to tee off on outback-style of natural terrain fairways. Each participating town or roadhouse along the Eyre Highway will contribute to the 18-hole par-72 golf course.

The course will become quintessential Australian experience adding a different flavour to the existing attractions for travellers along the Eyre Highway. A typical itinerary for a Nullabor Links golfer include the following:a visit to the Super Pit mine in Kalgoorlie:

      • a night or two at the Fraser Range Station
      • the amazing cliff-top views of the Bunda Cliffs

with at least one round of golf enjoyed at each location.

Be out there & be the pioneering heroes.

Email me if you are interested:

For an organised cost-sharing trip when the weather cools down.


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