Desert Or Deserted?

By P Chong

Nor did I go up to Jerusalem to see those who were apostles before I was,

but I went immediately into Arabia and later returned to Damascus”. ~ Galatians 1:17

When Paul was struck down on the way to Damascus and received his commission from Christ, he did not make immediate contact with the rest of the Apostles. He went instead into Arabia and spent a good three years there. Why?

This is God’s way of preparing him for the great task ahead. There was a need for:

  • a time of separation between the old life and the new
  • a time of consideration of what had taken place in his life
  • a time to develop an intimate knowledge & relationship with the newfound Saviour
  • to prepare himself for a life that would change dramatically

All in all to prepare for what was coming – which could be painful and difficult to endure as Paul’s case.

Biblically, there were others called upon by God to perform His purposes and undergone similar circumstances;

  • Joseph was sold into slavery and separated from his family
  • Jacob was sent to live with his uncle
  • Moses had to spend forty years in desert seclusion

In the case of Moses, who was an Egyptian Prince used to all conceivable comforts and security, with his pride and arrogance, this was by no means smallish sacrifice.

Have you ever found yourself in like situation? Secluded in a Desert or Deserted? Or trying to make sense of the situation you are in? God’s ways are not our ways. Infinitively, His thoughts are not our thoughts. There is no compare.

Let Us Pray

As we participate

And each other educate

We seek Thy wisdom

To behold Thy Kingdom

A wisdom to understand Thy Word

That we can strengthen our worth

To view life not with all its futility

But to prepare for yonder eternity

As we lift our hearts and spirit to Thee

Let us have Thy Divine objectivity.


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