Evil Shall Fail . . . The Righteous Prevail

By P Chong

Nuclear Explosion

If you ever feel that evildoers seemed to be more blessed, and the righteous more prosecuted, just remember God’s words as saying in Malachi 3:16-18:

“They will be Mine,” says the Lord Almighty, “in the day when I take up My treasured possession. I will spare them, just as in compassion a man spares his son who serves him. And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not”

The forces of evil are abundantly out there; you have to stand tall and courageous to brave them all. Remember the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah in Biblical times, so many perished and so few were saved. Those days evil was seemingly more confined, but without a doubt in modern time evil is everywhere. There is no escaping. People are even justifying by saying that it is right if the majority is doing it. Another argument goes by the notion of personal right. When overcome by evil desire countless justification will flourish to ease the wronged conscience.

Satan has a way of switching the “price tags” turning the world topsy turvy. It seems so difficult to distinguish between right and wrong. In the courts of law, with a good lawyer you can get away with murder. Con artists flourish with their silver tongues. Burglars enrich themselves by depriving the unfortunate of their worldly possessions. The true meaning of a joyous occasion becomes camouflaged and concealed with commercial overtone attached. The news media in consideration of sensationalism and profit highlight the negative rather than the good. Such is the nature of the world we live in.

Evil is widespread beyond all territorial restrictions. Wars these days kill more people than the battles of ancient time. Waves of change flow with the tides, penetrating every shore on earth. Instant communication, both audio and visual impact the homes without exception. It’s been more than thirty years since Darwin was swept away and devastated by Cyclone Tracy. Dare we to say that with moral deterioration, destruction will be more instant and widespread globally. There have been of late  more natural disasters & wars ever experienced by mankind. Whither are we going?

More than ever this is the time for reflection. This is the time for us to draw closer to God. Morally we need to be fortified in order to withstand. This is the season and the reason to concentrate on Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Let there be more loving and sharing. Be of good cheer. God rewards faithful obedience. Relationship with God requires patience, suffering, and perseverance.


2 thoughts on “Evil Shall Fail . . . The Righteous Prevail

  1. I don’t believe it should be called a “Mushroom Cloud” as the cloud appears more similar to cauliflower. Therefore, I suggest changing the term to “Cauliflower Cloud”. I hope in my lifetime to witness a few.

  2. Grega

    Hi. You know it really eased me a little when I read the title, because as you said “The forces of evil are abundantly out there” and sometimes that can get a little frightening.
    I have to say that I have the same view as you have and I’m always glad to hear it from another person. By my example I hope to make people see how important it is today – now more than ever to give it your best to:
    stand tall and courageous,to achieve joy and happiness – not to *buy* it! (In today’s consumerism we mostly tend just to remedy the symptoms – if one has a headache, he takes pills; instead of removing the cause — or if they feel bad or empty in any way, they hurry to buy new stuff, others just take it out one the next appropriate person and some of us avoid them by using drugs (nicotine & alcohol included) – because it is so hard to really change and it takes lots of time and patience)
    And the most important part is to strongly reflect on ourselves in order to recognize our false justification and come to terms with our wrong doings (the realization though, brings at least some suffering). And only then can we bring about the change we wish to see… be, but few who came to this step realized that what you’re currently experiencing is the result of decades of different conditioning like parenting, TV influence, other people’s actions etc. This means that if you want a new, better experience (or your reality, if you will), than your whole way of life needs to be ‘replanted’ and we all know a sapling won’t grow into a tree over night. And seeing to that it grows, it takes perseverance.

    The reason that I pointed out our common grounds in this case is because of the nature of your article. From the way that it was written, I would say that you are a religious man. This is important for me because a couple of years ago you would have lost me at “.. God…”, for I was quite hateful toward (especially the Christian) religion. But I realized that in basics there’s nothing bad to it – it’s the men that perverted the true meaning and spread lies, which consequently corrupted most participants of that religion (I’m not saying they’re bad people, I’m just saying that what they were told to believe – their perception is flawed). You can’t blame a person for not knowing if there was no way for him to know, but you can blame the one who knew and never told him.

    I just hope more sensible people than the guy who commented before me read this article and that they got something positive out of it like I did.

    My best regards and greetings from Slovenija,

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