Watch Out! Being Old & Disabled

Watch Out!

Being Old & Disabled

mr_six_contest_smallStill Spirited & Energetic?

It’s said don’t grow old, but grow up. Yet from my own personal observation, this phenomenon is hardly the case. You would expect that after years of togetherness as a couple, each partner in the relationship would become more caring for each other. Relationship can mellow and sweeten with the years or contrarily sour for all you care! It would be sad to see the latter happening.

Modern relationship is so fragile. Long established ones are rare. Surprisingly, especially going by Hollywood’s mode, you’ll find a few exceptions like Ronald & Nancy Reagan – best known actors for a sustaining relationship. Even then there’s the tint of shadow in the form of Jane Wyman.

flu seasonOld & Miserable – “I see not, I hear not, I speak not”!

I know of a nice Singapore family with a son confined to the wheelchair, and more recently a doctor friend of mine with multiple-systems atrophy, both suffering from abandonment by their partners. These are two paraplegic examples only – one still in the prime years and the other in the golden years of life. It’s all a question of “for better” certainly not “for worse” as spelt out in the marriage vow.

Alas where do we find romance lasting till the end! The musical strains of tears and stress through the years have but all disappeared. People still love to hear of a romantic story of courage without fear, of love with all the tears, of sharing and caring with the years. But they are not happening in real life. “What about me?” rather than “What about we?” Gross individualism predominates in all situations these days . . . my own car, my bank account, my social life, my this and that. The list is unending with the divorce lawyer laughing all the way to the bank.

40-animals-tendernessTenderness & Togetherness – Human Can Learn from the Birds

Don’t human beings care any more? Are we so devoid of feelings and emotion in the face of materialism? Don’t we ever going to consider negative consequences resulting from the fall-out?

I am not an expert to provide you with solutions.

I just provide you with thought provoking questions.

Your comments are most welcome.

Paul Chong


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