The Golden Sunset

The Golden Sunset

Most people gaze at the sunset than they do with sunrise.

In the morning it’s always the constant rush for work

Or sleeping late when weekend’s on.

But sunset coincides with time when work’s done.

SANY2065Sunset Over Perth City from Perth Hills

As I look out towards the city

And behold the sunset in all its glory

Streaks of red, orange, yellow and gold

The magnificence of colours gradually unfold.

City lights below slowly twinkle on

Seeming to respond in a song

As the sky slowly darkens

The multitude of lights brighten.

Like all good things twilight soon fades

Darkness and night come in their wake

How fleeting must all this be

Like all the wonders that we see.

Sunset precedes the dawn of a new day

Brave yourself, be glad and pray

The dark hours will soon pass away

Dawn and sunrise will be on their way.

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent


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