(By Paul Chong)

Perth is most fortunate, weatherwise that is, for gardening.

It’s a love & hobby one can pursue throughout the year.


Gardening is both refreshing & fulfilling. The gardener will find joy in watching the plants grow, the flowers bloom, the changing hues & colours through different seasons of the year. For the organic fanatics these days, nothing like planting your own greens, herbs or vegetables. Gardening provides an avenue to good health & wealth.

Through the years, I have found that you have to establish a good daily routine when it comes to tending to your lawn, flowers & plants. Any neglect or deviation from that routine, the war against weeds & wild growth will result. As it’s said, you reap what you sow.

SANY0934Spring Blossoms

Been experimenting with some guidelines of my own and came out with this helpful formula in establishing good habits & routine. There are seven days in a week. I always like to reserve a day when I can really do something different or play my favourite golf.

To get by this time-table formula, I have established an ACRONYM for the word GARDEN:

G Grass Cutting                            Monday

A Attention                                  Tuesday

R Revitalisation (Fertilization)  Wednesday

D Digging/Weeding                      Thursday

E Elegance & Beauty                  Friday

N New Plants, Flowers                 Saturday

Everything works according to a system, the engines or our bodies. Working in a haphazard way will not generate efficient results. Once a system is established, it becomes naturally easy to follow through, especially when it’s simple and basic.

Things always seem insurmountable when you attempt to tackle them all at one go. But if broken into bits, then it’s relatively simple to accomplish most things. Bit by bit, no matter how huge, they say that even an elephant can be consumed! Have a work list itemised in terms of priority.

SANY1239Natural wildflowers to delight!

On the whole, nothing beats a good work system. Take one day at a time for each activity above and ENJOY it.

SANY0942Autumn: Dwarfed Mulberry – Bare & Beautiful

Gardening should be pleasurable

In more ways than one enjoyable

It should not be viewed as a chore

Lest you’d find the activity a bore.

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent

Saturday, 30 August 2008


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