Dedicated to My Love . . .


By Paul Chong
25 July 2018

passion, understand. . . to understand the passion behind this poetic expression, readers need to turn back to read my previous writing entitled “ Kirkby College Memorabilia “ ( Permalink: )

Today here I sit at age 58, no older nor younger
Though as fit & strong as ever
I lack the energy to run for fun
For all the love & fun in the sun.

With all the years gone by
It seems like yesterday I first set eyes
That pretty sweet thing dear to me
That I’ll always cherish for all eternity.

Today I’m refreshed & rejuvenated
With the same passion activated
Content as I am to get your devoted attention
Never ever to forget yesterday’s love & passion.

Kirkby – Then & Now

By P Chong                                                                                                                    24 November 2011

Central Europe 1960

In the golden years of our lives, we can now look back with such sweet sorrow of the wonderful two years of our lives in Kirkby College where we lived in peace & harmony sealed in friendship & bond of love.

Look at the pictures as they were of the 1950/60’s environment.

Another part of the pictures will be the Kirkby Spirit & bond of friendship that persist till today.

Artists paint with colours

Writers paint with words

A picture is worth more than ten thousand words.


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