Kirkby College Memorabilia

Kirkby College Memorabilia

Kirkby Badge

Needlework TableAn old picture (left) taken in 1960 at the time of College Exhibition

It’s been 49 long years since we left Kirkby College.

Now it’s looking back rather than future fate.

We all have reached a point in life

To savour and treasure what we hold dear.

How the years have flown and how have we grown. As the years accumulate behind us tip the scale of the future years ahead, we can’t help but try to recapture some of the glorious memories we have. Life’s journey takes us through lots of bumps; for life certainly is no bed of roses. Even with the beautiful roses, we’ve got to take care not to be pricked by their thorns. Isn’t that what all these Kirkby Reunions are all about?

Having graduated fresh from High Schools, we were thrown into an environment so unfamiliar to us then. Sadly, a few of our colleagues got lost, but most adjusted and adapted well to our Alma Mater. Our curriculum of study required us to select certain options. Many chose Art and Crafts, Music, some more academically inclined picked English; needlework for the girls and others. I picked woodwork as my option. I wasn’t too sure I would be capable of using all those carpenter’s tools – not hammer and nails.

Having determined to find my soul mate in College, the next thing I decided upon was to work on a needlework table. Some chose to do book shelves, coffee tables and others. To me, the needlework table was going to be a labour of love – yes indeed labour for two whole years. 

6329-symbol-love-chinese-calligraphy-paintingChinese Character for Love

The needlework table is still in our possession after all these 49 years. It traveled from Kirkby College in Liverpool to Malaysia, and now it is here in Perth, Australia. I guess such memories are worth every penny on earth, and no hefty amount of cash offer will dissuade me from parting with it. Our daughter Agnes said: “Please dad, don’t ever sell it.” No way! It’s a family heirloom. In terms of age, it’s kind of an antique!


SANY0011Recent Pictures Top & Bottom

It’s also a piece of art, solidly constructed of teak with craftsman’s precision joints and finished with linseed oil. The top opens to reveal a sliding tray that holds all the pins, needles and thread. Below the tray lies a storage compartment. It was built with love and love will see us through till our dying days.

Paul Chong


3 thoughts on “Kirkby College Memorabilia

  1. Mimi Foo

    The needlework table was indeed a labour of love for your wife Lilian Lee Kok Lian. It must be a treasured article, an heirloom. Well done!

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