Holding Destiny In Your Own Hands

Paul Chong 8 June 2021

Is it fated that we are what we are? It’s popularly said that we become what we think. So are we the captain of our ship & master of our own destiny?

It’s said that “some men are born great, others achieve greatness & still others have greatness thrust upon them.”

You’ll see below that surprisingly many a great man could have ended life miserably had they simply gave up in despair.

Here we shall relate you how Great Men turned Adversity To Victory.

Abraham Lincoln entered the Black Hawk War as a captain and came out private.

F.W. Woolworth got a job in a dry goods store when he was 21 but his employer wouldn’t let him wait on the customers because he didn’t have enough sense.

Walt Disney was fired by his newspaper editor because he had “no good ideas”.

Thomas Edison’s teachers told him he was too stupid to learn anything.

Einstein was four years old before he could speak and seven before he could read.

So, be inspired by the lives of these great men . . . with the staying power to scale their great heights.

Therefore, you can be a star . . . not to be hindered by your scar.


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