Be A Shining Beacon

Be A Shining Beacon

Paul Chong

Saturday 12 June 2021

Figuratively, the prospect of a new government with a beacon of hope for millions     exhibiting the true concept of Malaysian Malaysia.

Somehow between ex-lovers there’s still exists a soft spot. As an ex-Malaysian, born & bred, schooled & educated, worked & lived half my life in a country which I used to refer to as the Golden Chersonese, I can’t help feeling a pang of pain for the deterioration of my ex-country over the last sixty years. It has sunk into a socio-economic-political quagmire. We’ve got to drain the swamp.

I am no politician, nor a great judge & jury. As a layman observer looking in from outside, it’s glaringly clear that a total revamp of government must be executed.

Since Malaysia’s inception in September 1963, Malaysia has not been “a government for the people, of the people & by the people”. It’s always been a polarised country with vested interests for the so-called Bumpotra (or more accurately UMNOPUTRA), the Malay religious Muslims, a rampant corruption practice of CCN (Corruptin, Cronyism &Nepotism), confused not withe US CNN media. The greatest financial heist & scam being the 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal (1MDB). The main culprit behind the MDB scandal being NAJIB, the former Prime Minister with the mindset that “Cash is King” . . . no doubt an excellent disciple of none other than ex PM Tun Dr. Mahathir. 

Let’s get back to the present & the future. Also I am not here to discuss or criticise the proposal of UNITY or LEGITIMATE government.

My humble suggestions are as follow:

Establish an ELECTION SUPREME COUNCIL to SELECT well qualified political candidates WITH NO RACIAL BIAS, RELIGIOUS INCLINATION etc.

Then only ELECTION. This system of selection & election has been most successfully carried out in China & Singapore.

We’ve got to have the right people in Parliament to ensure good governance with every aspect of the people taken care, to establish a fair & just society, equality & opportunities for all in education, jobs & positions in all fields of human endeavour.

  The scars are plentiful, much too much to name them all. The crux of the matter is to forgive & forget and start anew. A fresh start is the best start. After all “to grow to progress is to change.”

Be courageous. Having courage means essentially “to die on your feet rather to live on your knees.” Singapore is one country to emulate for its tremendous economic growth despite the fact tat it was predicted to fail when it was separated from Malaysia in 1965. Singapore without any natural resources has done very well indeed . . . it’s all because of good leadership under Lee Kuan Yew & his team of capable ministers.

Of course, China is a shining example of good government, which within 40  years has become the second largest economy in the world & will be number one within this decade.

In both examples, it’s the human resources that really count. No taking or waiting for handouts. That’s the way to go!

I know & realise that this may seem to be an impossible task. Remember nothing is impossible! In this Golden Chersonese which is often referred to as “BOLEHLAND”, you need to “seek & find & not to yield” a man in the like of Nelson Mandela, Lee Kuan Yew & last but not least Xi Jinping to lead the country on to glory, peace & harmony , , , to be that Shining Beacon for all the world to see . . . to be that guiding light in troubled waters. YES YOU CAN!

Viva Malaysian Malaysia!


One thought on “Be A Shining Beacon

  1. James

    Well said. But will the racists and lazy people holding on to power by hook or crook give up their cushy lucrative positions unless by force. But who can dislodge them from their secure positions supported no less by the king himself? The majority race is too much dependent on the decades long free hand outs by the government financed by taxes on the (shrinking) non bumiputra population. The majority race has too long being brainwashed to believe in race religion and royalty. Change from the present situation is mission impossible unless a miracle happens.

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