Communism & All That

Paul Chong                        Saturday, 5 June 2021

It’s been a long while (because of my advanced glaucoma) since I wrote my last article in my million hits blog. Things that need to be said ought to be said now & not tomorrow. The world is fast changing & people  still riding on “mule train” will be left far behind. A new world is dawning & wise people would jump on the high speed rail & speed on with the advancement of science & technology. There is no stopping progress & development. Awards always go to the strongest & the fastest. As in a grand prix, if you stall others will pass you by.

The main media aren’t coming out with Gospel truth of the world’s situation. Media owners have their own vested interests. By & large most media are bias dwelling in the pockets of vested interest parties. What can you believe in all that you read & hear?

The question is what’s wrong with men today? The simple answer is “they just don’t “THINK”. Most Westerners with their geopolitical view & mindset on democracy, are consumed with pride, fear of losing their hegemony, envy & jealousy; reluctantly refusing to play the political game on the level. They resort to throwing mud at their opponent believing that that if enough mud is thrown some of it will stick. Hence all these negative propaganda, fake news & 

misinformation, ganging up allies to contain & topple the “evil” CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

Looking on as a layman, you can’t help but observe that right through history “US destroys” whereas “China builds”. China is more than happy to share its prosperity, promoting the great concept of win-win development program. The Belt & Road Initiative development program is undoubtedly the single greatest development program ever conceived  for humanity.

Let’s get down to the fundamental. To begin with what does the word communism mean? Dictionary has it as “a theory or system of social organisation in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs.” (See also Marxism). It works well for China. Why change it if it’s working so well? The West expects China to change to full democracy & be like them. It is laughable going by how the West is doing. As a matter of fact, China is not following the   whole communism concept blindly . . . China keeps changing & modifying Marxism to suit its needs & purposes. CCP has an approval rating of as high as 95 percent.

Just on the very basic & fundamental of human needs, China has lifted up some 8 hundred million of its population out of poverty. Which country in the world has ever done that in history? Since Deng Xiaoping opened up China in 1978, China has achieved a phenomenal economic growth unsurpassed by any other country in human history . . . fast becoming to be the largest economy in the world.

On the question of human rights, US with its historical past & present, & that include UK, Australia & other European countries, nobody has earned the right & authority to preach & dictate to China on such issue.

Suffice for me to say all the foregoing. Need I go further to refute all negative allegations re Xinjiang,Hong Kong & Taiwan which are all attributed to the instigations & doing  of CIA. Any sensible person will realise & agree that any respectful country to have the dignity, sense of justice & goodwill not to demonise China or to meddle with other countries affairs. Despite all these, China has always referred US as a “beautiful nation”.

One last word from Prof Dennis Etler, University of California, Berkley: ‘ . . .  socialism works for the betterment of the 99 percent while capitalism works primarily to enrich the  one percent.’

Remember, you can’t push or pull others down to lift yourself up! 


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