By Paul Chong

imagesLeap for joy!

Excitement is the essence of life – the spice that gives rise to all glories. It is one element that propels you to great height of achievement. To start with, it gives you a sense of purpose and direction.

As it is, we are all the products of excitement. We are born as a result of two people falling in love and getting excited about each other. Once that excitement ebbs its magnification wanes.

But excitement taken to another level is even more of a potent force. This according to Dr Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and grow Rich”, is referred to as the “transmutation of sex”. That is to channel all those sexual urge, drive and passion to a more intangible motivation of magnificent obsession. It’s been noted that great men of the past were all highly sexed and who had been able to convert their sexual energy to achieve greater legacies in life.

Chronological age may be a hindrance to your sexual performance and satisfying your sexual partner. However, you can redirect and channel your sexual desire for achieving other areas of human endeavour. Like focusing the sunlight under a magnifying lens, it’s got to be well focused and concentrated. It will burn right through. In life this will be the spark that triggers off the “Towering Inferno”.

If you wake up each morning feeling blue and unexcited about life, then life will similarly treat you likewise. With excitement, you’ll wake up with the break of dawn feeling great and ready to go and face life’s challenges. Remember the time when you fell in love, everyday was a glorious day for you. You could promise moon and stars and do anything. Nothing is impossible.

When Mark Twain was asked the secret of his success, he merely said, “I was born excited!” Our two grandsons Daniel & Matheson demonstrate daily that life is great. They are always excited and doing things. Lets hope this excitement dies not as it always does with the growing of years. Children are generally excited!

SANY7427_2Matheson & Daniel

Life is great. Be excited about yourself. Be excited about the things you do – be it a chore or a hobby or a sport you love. Develop that great passion that will drive you to immeasurable heights.

Sing as though there’s no tomorrow

Love like you’ve never loved before

Play as you’ve been playing all day

Stay excited everyday!

Image012_2Daniel always excited about his ice-cream


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