Our World of Woes

By Paul Chong Saturday 13 June 2020

We are all living dangerously – what with the trade war, cold war, endless wars here & there, economic shutdown, protests & chaos under the guise of freedom & democracy, families lockdown, brutality & atrocities, insanity, spread of racism & no less the CoronaVirus pandemic. We are but sheltering from the pandemic storm, prayerfully & waiting for it to pass, who knows two years or three. Heaven forbids if it lasts any longer than that.

Unfortunately, to further aggravate the mayhem, we have at the helm this mad “Donald Duck” Trump who likes to shoot his index finger blaming others (especially China) for his own shortcomings, forgetting that consequently that three other fingers are pointing back at himself. He’s no doubt the cause of all evils.

He’s been called an idiot by his own mother & also by a lady reporter, a perpetual liar, cheat, a racist & a host of other undesirables. He expects & threatens all his ally leaders to follow him in all his quests. In his administration, he’s aided by his State Secretary Mike Pompeo & a strategy advisor Steve Bannon, both with foul mouths & evil hearts.

On our local scene, our Aussie PM has been blindly led into the mayhem. Ill advised or simply led astray, our spineless PM Scotty is jumping into the sinking American ship, which is being abandoned by the German leader Angela Merkel & other EU leaders. Wonder if silly Scotty realises that he is biting the hand that’s feeding Australian economy. As a safeguard, he should shut up & remain neutral. It would be the wisest thing to do, for though Australia is a big country it is only but a small nation. We have everything to lose & nothing to gain.

Let’s stand together & fight this evil invading pandemic. Let peace & harmony reign.

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