UK Offering 3 Million Visas to HK Residents

By Paul Chong Saturday 6 June 2020

Unlike the United States of America where they are not lacking in transparency, British politics are most devious & cunning, often with hidden agenda & very shrewd policies serving their own ends. British diplomacy goes a historical way in creating a large empire on the global political landscape. Most countries fell victims including the huge country of India which British ruled for more than four centuries.

In Malaysia where I was born, the British initially came into the country on the pretence of intervention between the Chinese miners & the Malays over the economic wealth of the mining operation. They came & stayed without firing a bullet.

It’s interesting to note the case of Hong Kong . . . a well known historical fact that the British literary stole Hong Kong from China after the defeat of China in the unfair opium war. The British ruled Hong Kong for about one & a half century, milking the colony dry. Further, there was no freedom of election nor the practice of democracy.

On 1 July 1997 the British finally returned Hong Kong to China. It needs to be stressed that the British never made any offer of British visas to the deranged HongKies over their future. The British generosity offered only them restricted visas of temporary residence tantamounting to the status of second class citizens.

Now, according to today’s report, the British are offering 3 million visas to Hong Kong residents. Why? What’s behind this move? What are they trying to achieve?

Hong Kong belongs to China since historical times. Once China has back its sovereignty, no other nations in the world has any right to interfere with its internal affairs.

Events provoked both by UK & US in the later half of last year under the guise of freedom fight, universal suffrage & democratic stand in the series of riots & chaotic protests, have proven the obvious point of their vested interests. For the US, it was a question of containing China in its growth & progress, lest it should sooner take over hegemony of US. The British still has design to take back its golden goose, if at all it can be legitimately claimed.

It’s a great prize to win whatever & however it takes. Both US & UK are involved together in funding the unrest & protests. School boys & girls including other youngsters were encouraged & instigated & paid as much as US$150 including black outfits, gear & training to cause havoc & destruction of public properties. Many of these young rioters were not even born at the time when Hong Kong returned to its motherland China.

It can be speculated the British action will not in any way return negatively. The British know full well that Chinese are the most assiduous people in the economic pursuits, hard & smart working & resourceful beyond all compare. China would probably let them go to UK to let those HongKees to have the taste of western ways & “democracy”.

There was no provisions under No. 23 basic laws of Hong Kong for China to act against intruding foreigners. Now with the proposed & implementation of National Security Law, China can possibly quell the political turmoil.

British diplomacy is well known. A smart English gentleman may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s smooth, plausible & believable in all his verbal convention . . . little would you realise or conscious of being taken for a ride. He’s the greatest salesman, a master with dealing & wheeling.


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