The Ugly Face of Racism

By Paul Chong Monday, 1 June 2020

A Chinese By Descent . . . An Australian By Consent

All men are created equal . . .

Human beings, according to biological science, are divided into eight blood types: O, B, A, AB (both positive or negative). Thus we are essentially different in terms of blood types. There’s no question of being superior or inferior by birth. No one has BLUE or ROYAL blood. Our blood may be thick or thin, that’s about all, like what people say ‘having a thick skin or otherwise.’ All blood are red in colour . . . either thick or thin.

Since we are all created equal, how does racism arise? We are all wonderfully made, created in the image of God. All of us are equal in the sight of God . . . and should rightly be in the eyes of men.

With due respect & without prejudice to our Western friends, who may by virtue of their general build & stature, have the tendency to consider themselves more superior.

In the US, the Afro American have long suffered humiliation under the elite American. The days of forced slavery, though long gone when Abraham Lincoln brought on the Policy of Emancipation, cannot easily be erased. Fast forward to this modern era, they went through segregation & discrimination more than any human being could bear. They totally lost their ROOTS without hope of returning home to their mother land.

There is no known official act of RECONCILIATION or an Official Apology made like what Kevin Rudd, a former Prime Minister of Australia undertook with the Australian aborigines. (They should rightly be called “Ausgines” without the stigma & connotation of the usual common term.

In this connection, the red Indians of American deserve the same reconciliation treatment. They are all marginalised & pushed off to unwanted Indian Reservations. Complete extermination & genocide were practised.

The Afro American have proved themselves to be valued citizens. Many of them are top professionals. They shine in the field of entertainment & sports . . . Carl Lewis, Flo Jo, Nat King Cole, Joe Louis, Mohammed Ali . . . just to name some. These people are/were not by any means stupid or inferior.
American like to classify people by the colour of their skin. Afro American are black. Native American are red. Mexican or Latin American are said to be brown. Asian or Chinese American are yellow. So, the elite American must have the best of all colours . . . splashing themselves with rainbow colour. Surely they are not just plain white or orange as Donald Trump is claimed to be.

Trump is known to ask “How do I look?” He might want to retract & tell the four Congress women to stay & not to “go back”.

Racism is never acceptable nor should it ever be tolerated!

As an Australian by consent I amsaddened by the ugly face of racism in Australia . . . an unexpected move in the footsteps of the western hemisphere particularly the mighty threatening power of Donald Trump. From being a lapdog, PM Scott Morrison has taken on to be the barking dog of US, dragging down the good relationship with China, after all the past years of good relationship. China has never threatened Australia. Quite the contrary, China is our economic partner stretching its hands to feed our economy. I am no politician nor an economist to understand that this a senseless & silly move . . . biting the hands benefitting us by billions of export dollars.

What’s needed is a concerted positive action on a unilateral basis transcending all political differences to show to the world at large that there can be unity in diversity. Then & only then multiculturalism will take on meaningfulness. Political leaders must lead & stand in the face of adversity tall. Our PM seems to think that all this mayhem will fizzle out in time. Unfortunately, such negativeness is strong & enduring & will create scars in the peaceful & harmonious atmosphere in the community. It’s easier to destroy than to build.

Allow me to voice, foster & inculcate goodness in our hearts. Let’s discard the negatives & foster the positives. Australia is a BIG country, but unfortunately such BIGNESS is not reflected in the hearts & minds of our politicians.

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