The Question of Opinion

Paul Chong – Saturday 30 May 2020

Opinion is invariably defined as a view point or judgement relating to any subject. When in doubt, you are often advocated to seek a second opinion.

Remember though that opionion is about the cheapest commodity in the world. It is freely & abundantly available. Opinion can differ from person to person. Oftentimes conflict of interest & personality without exception will show up in the final delivery or in the changing of opinion.

Not every opinion can be taken as the gospel truth, for the value or wisdom must be judged based on facts, expert knowledge or the credentials & experiences of the people expressing them. There is also the question of their vested interests or hidden agenda. How often human mindset is determined by preconceived ideas without available facts, proper/expert knowledge, or strictly on hearsay or nearsay.

Whom would you believe? If the issue at hand is controversial? All the more confusion & complexity set in.

In today’s world there is such a lot of media with fake news, propaganda, misinformation to sway you left & right like the pendulum. Most people are easily swayed while a category will stand firm by their own belief.

So, is there any compromise or cooperation in matters that are controversial? Will memorandum of understanding come into play?
Polarisation always happen which the majority will take advantage of & win the day. Argument always seem to favour the majority, the strong over the weak, the rich over the poor. There is no end in sight except in calamity & catastrophe as seen historically.

Is there no consideration on moral ground? What about the question of humanity or compassion? There exists too much of greed, self-contredness & gross individualism the world over. Peace & harmony will only come about when newly acclaimed “win-win” policy becomes deeply entrenched in humanity.

With God’s grace & mercy, let the era of international bullying, intimidation, exploitation, political or economical threats pass us by for peace & harmony to reign.


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