Beware of Plumbers . . . especially so-called Master Plumbers!

 Be very careful when dealing with self-proclaimed master plumbers, electricians or master tilers who glorify themselves with advertisements such as this:

IMG_4453  Best advertisement is still by word of mouth!

If you are dissatisfied with their performance or disservice, you have absolutely no recourse to pursue your claims & complaints. From my own personal experiences, I found their professional associations most protective of their own, the consumer affairs department would want you to first negotiate with them and settle the dispute among yourselves and further telling you straight that they are not in a position to compel them to abide by any decision reached. So where does the poor consumer stand? He stands to being fully exploited, slaughtered left & right. If you are a senior or pensioner, you are even more fair game. It’s cheaper to consult a doctor or lawyer!

I was most unfairly & unjustly charged for a Rinnai B20 continuous flow hot water system – a hefty frightful total of $3,282.50 . . . all well within the warranty period of one year (10 September 2012 till 4 April 2013). The cost of Rinnai B20 is just $949.00 the rest go towards enriching the plumber!

The Scales of Injustice
The Scales of Injustice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once money is in hand, expect no further courtesy from them. Emails and phone calls get no response. It’s all your own fault! They well ignore you  most unprofessionally & against all business conduct & code of ethics shift the responsibilities to their fellow rivalries. 

Goodwill & reputation are built up over time, but for a misguided CEO all it takes is a bit of dirt to wipe clean the slate of time.

One-time slaughter is not the game to be, Goodwill & customer care will forever be.

For your perusal, all correspondences & photographic evidences are available & will be inserted later.

You be the judge & jury.

Spread the word & protect yourself against all forms of exploitation & injustice.


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