The Hollywood Sign

Signs are designed to signal directions

They’re also able to instil inspiration

As well as hope, dream & aspiration

Ever since I was a school projectionist for our cinema club, I was fascinated & captivated by the word “Hollywood”.

One of my travel dream destinations is to see the Hollywood sign in all of its glory perched high on top of

Mount Lee in Los Angeles, little realising that in 1923, a Los Angeles real estate group first unveiled it as a massive billboard to promote their new “Hollywoodland” development. Little did they know too that their brash operation has come to remain such a lasting significant Sign.

So the Sign from “Hollywoodland” became known as just “Hollywood”.

   The Hollywood Sign is a landmark and American cultural icon located in Los Angeles, California. It is situated on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains. (Wikipedia)

It’s more than just nine white letters spelling out a city’s name; it’s one of the world’s most evocative symbols – a universal metaphor for ambition, success, glamour…for this dazzling place, industry and dream we call


Although the Sign’s appearance and purpose have evolved over the years, its basic aspirational message remains the same: This is a place where magic is possible, where dreams can come true.

The Sign seen from the farmers market in Los Angeles

For many visitors to Los Angeles, there is no more coveted photo than a shot of the world famous Sign. Though it is visible from all over the city from its lofty perch on Mt. Lee, it can actually be surprisingly difficult to get a well angled shot. Many are surprised to learn that it’s actually illegal to hike to (or basically get anywhere near) the Sign, which is set well back behind restricting gates and protected by security cameras and Park Rangers.


One thought on “The Hollywood Sign

  1. Charles Christano

    True about Hollywood, where dreams come true. But quite a few of dreams were shattered too, right? It’s so seldom that we have two Hollywood icons, who fell in love head over heel, stay faithful “until death do us part”. Yes most of them promised “To have and to hold not until that “mesmerizing phrase ” actualized, some if not most make their commitment with ” but not for good!”


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