The World’s First Aircraft Carrier Hotel in China

By P Chong

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Source: Xinhua Photos/ & China Daily

An attendant stands in the Presidential suite of Tianjin Aircraft Carrier Hotel in Tianjin on Aug. 8, 2011. The first aircraft carrier hotel in China, which lies in the Kiev aircraft carrier, the former Soviet Union’s flagship of the Pacific Fleet, has completed the interior decoration of two presidential suites. (Xinhua Photo). Below: Tianjin Aircraft Carrier Hotel.


With many a country operating active-military service aircraft carriers such as: The United States (11) The United Kingdom (1) France (1) Italy (2) Spain (1) Russia(1) India(1) Thailand (1) Brazil (1) , can you imagine China doing otherwise? Surprising though it may be, China is not going down the same down-trodden way, as evidenced by the likes of the United States and Russia.

China has built up a USD$3.2trillion foreign reserve, not through conquest or domination of other countries, but by providing goods and services. Indiscriminating or unlimited spending on “weapons of mass destruction” with the building & maintenance of global naval bases, could only lead to financial disasters and self-destruction in the end.

Below: USS Abraham Lincoln

China owns just three ex-Russian aircraft carriers – the Kiev, the Minsk and the Vareyag. In the process, these carriers have accordingly been refitted for their peaceful humantarian use, research & training as opposed to the likes of others.

It is already a well known fact that the Varyag is now China’s “Shi Lang Aircraft Carrier”. Latest news is that the Kiev is now the “Tianjin Aircraft Carrier Hotel” based in Tianjin, China, one of its kind, uniquely refitted to be the world’s first Aircraft Carrier Hotel. See more of the following pictures:

The foregoing pictures show Tianjin beautiful interior layout. Two attendants clean the Presidential suite of Tianjin Aircraft Carrier Hotel in Tianjin on August 8, 2011. [Photo/Xinhua] 



Glimpses of USS Midway  aircraft carrier & Others –

All equipped for war!

Tianjin might play up to be a great competitor with the world’s best cruise ships. It can become a unique floating hotel with great destinations! Also in the offering will Aircraft Carrier Theme Parks!

Be prepared to move aside “Oasis of the Seas”!!


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