The Federal Reserve System: The Secrets You Don’t Know About!


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By P Chong                                            Tues. 19 Oct. 2010

Hey! You might think this to be a very dull & boring subject. They say that what you don’t know won’t kill you, but I’m afraid the reverse is true in this little known subject. The fact is that only a very minority know that the Federal Reserve System is not federal, it has no reserve, and it’s not even a bank. It’s really fascinating how intricate and involved it is and how crucial the Federal Reserve and the creation of money is to the people who run not only this country, but the world.

It’s a mystery story of what the Big Seven financial families, as mentioned in my previous post (Who Really Own The Federal Reserve? Mon. 4 Oct.2010) have done with our monetary system. Griffin for self edification has largely promoted this through his writings, speeches & television documentaries, which can be found on YouTube. Of late, he’s been going around warning: “Gee everybody, don’t you see what’s going on? Don’t you care about the future? Let’s do something about it.” His conclusion & rationalisation will tell you that “it really doesn’t make any difference what we know about these problems if we don’t do anything about it.”

The crux of the matter is that truth will not set us free unless we do something positively about it. As I often say, to grow to progress is to change. All must stretch forth & strike where it counts. In today’s society with modern mass communication, speedy, effective & far reaching, action does not necessarily rest with physical muscles, guns or weapons.

Whatever the misgivings, public opinion must be held in the right perspective, then change can evolve through people’s power. To achieve success, all you need do is to convince people to your cause for struggle as dying for the cause of your country.

The biggest hurdle towards change in America is that the power of control rests with the Mighty Seven. They control the population through all the major mass media, organisations & power centres. From out of the blue, have you ever wondered “How did this guy get to be President?” Don’t be surprised that a lot of happenings are pre-planned decades ahead of time. Happenings don’t just happened!

Time & space do not allow me to dwell at length on the “how to change” or to deliver fully about the Federal Reserve System, that it’s not federal, there is no reserve and it’s not even a bank. Much has been written by G. Edward Griffin as mentioned in his books in the Related reading list below. I hope I have aroused your curiosity & interest to want to read further on this subject.

I bet you’ll say “Wow! Wow!” when you hear this staggering statistic – these Mighty Seven Families which form 1 per cent of the world’s population but own 60 per cent of the world’s wealth!

Please read also on my previous post “Who Really Own The Federal Reserve System”.

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4 thoughts on “The Federal Reserve System: The Secrets You Don’t Know About!

  1. Charles Christano

    Dear Paul

    I thank God for you, your life and your calling. As you have so many experiences in life and vocation, I believe that your contribution is badly needed. My wife and I have been blessed by what you sent. You often surprise us with what you found, also your sense of humor.

    Thanks Paul.


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