Hainan – “Playground of the Rich”

By P Chong                    9 April 2010

"Hawaii Hainan"
Like an exquisite green gem set in the blue South China Sea, Hainan Island is a bright tropical paradise unique in its character, diversity and enduring appeal.

It is dubbed as the “Oriental Hawaii” & now plans are afoot to make it the “Playground of the Rich” – the new rich of China. Though still in its fledging state to rival the famous French Riviera or Monaco, it does possess a lot of physical attributes & potential. It has the financial resources & patronage support to make the dream come true.

The picturesque island of Hainan enjoys a tropical climate ranging from 16 degrees

during the winter months to more than 30 degrees in the summer. Its physical

landscape with the sun, surf, sandy beaches, and swaying palms, have made it

famous as the “Oriental Hawaii”.

But there is more to it than just the beach life . . . those who prefer cultural

pursuits to sunbathing can enjoy the culture and customs of the island’s

minorities as well as its many historical sites.

* One popular attraction is the Ends of the Earth, a beach on the southern

coast dotted with with large round boulders.

* The Yonado Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone is a must-see sight.

Hainan is offering couples the chance to marry on board of luxury yachts as part of its plan in promoting the tropical island as a yachting center.

Luxury Yacht Wedding

Yacht Centre

  • Hainan is planning to build China’s first tropical rainforest park. Located in the middle of the island, the park will cover an area of 10 natural reserves and 11 forest parks.

    Tropical Rainforest Park
  • More and more golf courses are appearing in Hainan. Playing golf is cheap in China compared to in many Southeast Asian countries. Sanya Resort is one such golfing paradise armed with lady caddies.

Red Culture Tourism

When it comes to tourism, Hainan is flying high colourfully in more ways than one. Hoping to join the ranks of Hawaii, Australia and the Caribbean, French Riviera & Monaco, Hainan is seen as promoting all kinds of tourism on the island.

Here come Hainan as reflecting the style & mood of the French Riviera & Monaco. Like China’s leaping economic growth, it would be possible to see Hainan as the “Playground of the Rich” within a generation!


One thought on “Hainan – “Playground of the Rich”

  1. LokeMoy

    Beautiful place to visit, will put this in my next travel destination! Hey, Paul how you manage getting those lovely pictures?

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