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Paul Chong                                                                   Thursday, 14 December 2017


In a word, living in Australia is great . . . “a lucky country” in the downunder world, geographically speaking that is. Everything else is top of the world . . . rich in natural resources, largest continental island in the world, beautiful weather with sun, surf & sand for fun lovers, good first class education, opportunities for one & all in a truly cosmopolitan nation. Most importantly, fairness is practised in true meritocratic way.

I am a Chinese by descent . . . an Australian by consent. My family & I have been in Perth, Western Australia since 1982, that is more than quarter of my life. It is indeed a fortunate life with my three offsprings all acquiring tertiary education from a PhD holder, a specialist medical doctor to a civil engineer.

Though born & bred in Malaysia, I could never consider myself a Malaysian because of the non meritocratic system of extreme corrupt government since independence from British colonial rule. Every non Malay race is marginalised in all aspects of human endeavour & life. Needless for me to go into any detail of the ongoing unfairness & injustice upon looking back & looking in from outside. There’s no meritocracy but sheer  “democrazy”. Brain drain from the country is no surprise. What’s Malaysia’s loss is gain to countries like Singapore, Australia, US, UK & Canada.

Everyone wants & deserves a good life, but not to expect & demand on hand-outs, for that would be tantamounting to living on your knees rather than dying on your feet. You’ve got to work, not only working hard but working smart as well. Work is God’s design for our natural living.

In Australia the aged are well taken of. Medical care can be said to be par excellence. All possible help are extended to make life of the aged comfortable & safe. Under the scheme known as Home & Community Care (HACC), there are organisations offering facilities to take good care of you, especially as the song goes “When you grow too old to dream, you’d have them to remember”.

Really, old people can keep on living in their own home, best place to be, rather than to scale down moving to units or aged homes, unless it is absolutely necessary. If you are living alone, Red Cross provides visitor service whereby a visitor would come by on a regular basis to keep you company, have a chat with you, have tea or a game of card, or take you out shopping or medical appointments. Other organisations also provide such a service & other home services as well like domestic cleaning, minor home maintenance, gardening.

There’s that Triple A Care (Australian Asian Aged Care Program) with multiple home & community care services. Charges for the services are subsidised & all that is required is $8 per hour.

TADWA’s (Technology Assisting Disability WA) purpose is to improve the quality & enjoyment of life for people with disabilities, older people & those caring for them through the application of technology & the skills of volunteers & staff. For our home, they came & installed safety railings for our steep driveway, front & back garden steps. All we need pay pay is for the materials.

In the case of Chorus (its old name Volunteer Task Force) apart from providing gardening service & other domestic services, organises outings to places of interest & lunches. I am particularly impressed by their friendliness,helpfulness with extreme care & attention.`The staff & the team of volunteers are about the nicest people you will ever meet. A stranger is but a friend you have not met. You can have hundreds of friends`but none near you or ever in sight, you might just as well be by yourself.

Old habits die hard. Nothing like living the life you are so accustomed to`. . . free & easy to be living in your own home.`A man’s home is his castle, however modest or otherwise.`

In the final analysis, I wish the best for all Malaysians. I would further add by quoting what the DAP leader Lim Kit Siang said: ” If we love Malaysia, we must unite as Malaysian patriots to save Malaysia from corruption, kleptocracy, injustices, exploitation and the fate of a third-world nation”.““““`“““““““““

World’s Shortest Woman

WORLD’S SHORTEST WOMAN Jyoti Amge was recognised by The Guinness Book and Limka Book of Records as World’s Shortest Girl. She celebrates her 18th birthday on 16th December 2011 and become the Shortest Woman in the World. She measures 62.8cm (2ft 0.7in) tall and she weighs only 12 lbs (9 lbs more than she did at birth).

On 14 Sep 2012 – The 18-year-old, who is just 2ft 0.7in tall, has already appeared in a Bollywood movie and says she now plans on pursuing a career in Hollywood.

I would like to be an actress and win an Oscar.”

She was named the world’s smallest woman last year, but Jyoti Amge has no intention of allowing her size to prevent her from fulfilling her dreams.

I am proud of being small,” she said during an interview with The Sun. “I have the same thoughts and the same dreams as you.”

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Hainan – “Playground of the Rich”

By P Chong                    9 April 2010

"Hawaii Hainan"
Like an exquisite green gem set in the blue South China Sea, Hainan Island is a bright tropical paradise unique in its character, diversity and enduring appeal.

It is dubbed as the “Oriental Hawaii” & now plans are afoot to make it the “Playground of the Rich” – the new rich of China. Though still in its fledging state to rival the famous French Riviera or Monaco, it does possess a lot of physical attributes & potential. It has the financial resources & patronage support to make the dream come true.

The picturesque island of Hainan enjoys a tropical climate ranging from 16 degrees

during the winter months to more than 30 degrees in the summer. Its physical

landscape with the sun, surf, sandy beaches, and swaying palms, have made it

famous as the “Oriental Hawaii”.

But there is more to it than just the beach life . . . those who prefer cultural

pursuits to sunbathing can enjoy the culture and customs of the island’s

minorities as well as its many historical sites.

* One popular attraction is the Ends of the Earth, a beach on the southern

coast dotted with with large round boulders.

* The Yonado Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone is a must-see sight.

Hainan is offering couples the chance to marry on board of luxury yachts as part of its plan in promoting the tropical island as a yachting center.

Luxury Yacht Wedding

Yacht Centre

  • Hainan is planning to build China’s first tropical rainforest park. Located in the middle of the island, the park will cover an area of 10 natural reserves and 11 forest parks.

    Tropical Rainforest Park
  • More and more golf courses are appearing in Hainan. Playing golf is cheap in China compared to in many Southeast Asian countries. Sanya Resort is one such golfing paradise armed with lady caddies.

Red Culture Tourism

When it comes to tourism, Hainan is flying high colourfully in more ways than one. Hoping to join the ranks of Hawaii, Australia and the Caribbean, French Riviera & Monaco, Hainan is seen as promoting all kinds of tourism on the island.

Here come Hainan as reflecting the style & mood of the French Riviera & Monaco. Like China’s leaping economic growth, it would be possible to see Hainan as the “Playground of the Rich” within a generation!