Repulse Bay – Hong Kong, China

Repulse Bay, wide crescent-shaped beach, popular among locals and tourists alike, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong.

Amidst the tranquility of The Repulse Bay, you are only 15 minutes from Hong Kong’s commercial hub, Central.

It is an artificial strip of sand on the south side of Hong Kong Island. Shark nets and floating platforms have been added as public safety for swimmers.

Visitors to the beach would notice the fascinating feature of a tall 37-story residential apartment block specially constructed with a square “hole” or empty space in the midst of it. This may seem to be such a waste of valuable residential space.

This is essential to the needs of a nearby legendary dragon. Legend has it that a dragon lives at the top of the mountain, and a “feng shui” master warned that the building would block the dragon’s access to the shore. Hence, a large hole was cut out of the tower’s centre to mollify the dragon and avoid a whole lot of bad luck.

Hongkees are great believers in “feng shui”. They would go to great length to accommodate the requirements of siting, orientation & the balance of the natural forces of “yin” and “yang” to secure the optimum fortune.

Repulse Bay Beach is also famous for the elaborate statues of Chinese sea goddesses at the Kwun Yam Shrine. Throw a coin into the mouth of the fish statue and receive good fortune; cross the gaudy Longevity Bridge and add three days to your life!

Source: HK Tourism Board: Kwun Yam Shrine

Such are the thrills & frills, apart from the sun, sea and sand . . . an ideal place for relaxation & sunbathing. It’s a delightful & popular place for the family outing though the name may sound “repulsive”. The name is derived from the past to remind the locals of the British army‘s victory over the haunting pirates in the old days.

Repulse Bay is quite a premium residential precinct among the top executives.


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