A New Perspective in the World of Investments

By P Chong                             Wednesday, 20 January 2010

If you’ve been following my blog & reading some of my past posts such as:

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then these words from the mouth of Steve Schwarzman, Chairman & CEO of Blackstone Capital – an investing titan few people have direct access to, will come as no surprise:

Everyone knows it’s not just a U.S.-centric investing world any more. The challenge comes in knowing how to separate hype from reality — and profit from global growth in a safe and prudent way.”

He went on to tell CNBC’s listeners of a “new paradigm developing in terms of how one looks at the world.”

I am no investment guru nor do I advocate as to how you should invest. But looking at the present world situation, and looking particularly at China, the emerging dragon, you can be your own judge & jury on how & where your hard earned dollars are to be invested.

Just in case you are not inclined to read & believe everything in the printed media, which is a good principle to live by, you might have missed out a lot of good pointers on the other side of the coin. It’s always best to see both sides of the picture before forming a judgement or opinion. For this reason, I will urge you to read the many past posts of mine on China. They are all there in the Archive.

You’ll learn to widen & sharpen your vision when you read more – whether it’s within your interest or not. Don’t be restrictive & confine yourself to read only articles of your interests. Wisdom is gained through a myriad of experiences. Try to be more venturesome! Follow only the successful ones!

This is a changing world. Nothing remains stagnant or stationary. Everything is in a state of flux & change. Be dynamic. Embrace change. Be positive in outlook lest you’d be entrapped by negatives . . . which is by far a stronger force! 90% of what you read or hear in the multi media are negative. You just can’t escape from it! Only you & you alone can steer your way clear of negatives into yonder horizon of sunshine & brightness!


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