What Do The Chinese Want In Malaysia?

By P Chong                                         Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Eye & Pernas Twin Towers Malaysia

That you may never know & may never too be able to give. That’s what made us different & distinct from you. That which is good & most treasured is time-honoured, respected & revered right through the ages . . . since the dawn of the history of mankind. If you have not been around this long as a nation or race (if ever there was such an “adulterated”race historically), you’d never be able even to understand. Without understanding, you can never acquired the culture & become the benevolent & gracious person that is expected of you.

Small man settles for the crumbs

While great man freely extends his alms.

In the history of mankind, even the great Napoleon Bonaparte in all his conquering glory feared China, leaving it alone for fear of wakening the sleeping Dragon. History does not lie – all truth & falsehood are revealed therein. Try as you might tear off the “unwanted” pages & insert “invented” pages of your own, truth will prevail. You just cannot change past history. The crux is you may not have much of a history as a race!

You cannot grow strong by doing others wrong. You may think it’s so easy to intimidate & dominate others by your threats & wielding your “kris”. Their apparent fear exists only in your mind & imagination. There is such a thing as lowering one’s dignity by joining you in the throng of doing wrong. God forbids. (I have better avoid the use of the word “Allah”).

On the “Bumiputra” question, being “son of the soil”, the connotation is so baseless & laughable with the benefits of special privileges & rights. The international court of law will rule this out as invalid & all acquisitions through this privilege ruled as unlawful & illegitimate. The true “Bumiputra” in Malaysia are the aborigines or as we used to call them “Sakai”. The word “putra”, if I am not mistaken means “prince” and not “son”. By Malaysian law, all other races, though born & bred in Malaysia, are not deemed as “Bumiputra” except the Malays. They don’t even have to be born to be legitimate under the law – so long they profess the Muslim religion & are of Malay origin. Now, you’ll be the judge and jury. What’s your verdict?

How can you ever stand tall, strong & proud by throwing your illegitimate weight about? Deeds & thoughts of great men in the past always provide the guiding light for those blind of sight. You can learn a great deal from Abraham Lincoln, who was perhaps the greatest of the American Presidents. He said:

  • You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
  • You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
  • You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
  • You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred.
  • You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
  • You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.
  • You cannot build character & courage by taking away man’s initiative & independence.
  • You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could & should do for themselves.

Lincoln had that special ability of “painting with words” with the things he said, and he said it all in pure simple words – nothing bombastic about them.

A good many lessons can be learnt & drawn from the above wisdom for Malaysia. The principles should be advocated & applied to right the wrong, if the young nation hope to have any standing at all in the world stage.

What do the Chinese want? It’s all inherently stated by this brief & concise piece of my writing. Fairness & justice must be seen to be in practice for all Malaysians.

Take heed & implement righteousness with all speed

Squabble not & avoid planting hatred seed

Stand tall & erect as a man

Be fair & just to all in the land!

The writer is  “A Chinese by Descent . . . An Australian by Consent”

A New Perspective in the World of Investments

By P Chong                             Wednesday, 20 January 2010

If you’ve been following my blog & reading some of my past posts such as:

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then these words from the mouth of Steve Schwarzman, Chairman & CEO of Blackstone Capital – an investing titan few people have direct access to, will come as no surprise:

Everyone knows it’s not just a U.S.-centric investing world any more. The challenge comes in knowing how to separate hype from reality — and profit from global growth in a safe and prudent way.”

He went on to tell CNBC’s listeners of a “new paradigm developing in terms of how one looks at the world.”

I am no investment guru nor do I advocate as to how you should invest. But looking at the present world situation, and looking particularly at China, the emerging dragon, you can be your own judge & jury on how & where your hard earned dollars are to be invested.

Just in case you are not inclined to read & believe everything in the printed media, which is a good principle to live by, you might have missed out a lot of good pointers on the other side of the coin. It’s always best to see both sides of the picture before forming a judgement or opinion. For this reason, I will urge you to read the many past posts of mine on China. They are all there in the Archive.

You’ll learn to widen & sharpen your vision when you read more – whether it’s within your interest or not. Don’t be restrictive & confine yourself to read only articles of your interests. Wisdom is gained through a myriad of experiences. Try to be more venturesome! Follow only the successful ones!

This is a changing world. Nothing remains stagnant or stationary. Everything is in a state of flux & change. Be dynamic. Embrace change. Be positive in outlook lest you’d be entrapped by negatives . . . which is by far a stronger force! 90% of what you read or hear in the multi media are negative. You just can’t escape from it! Only you & you alone can steer your way clear of negatives into yonder horizon of sunshine & brightness!

A Decade That Was . . .

By Paul Chong Friday, 11 December 2009

The concept of “Too big To Fail” proves to be otherwise

as shown by the collapse of General Motors & AIG.

When at the top, the only other direction, is down.

The bigger you are the greater the fall!

The old proverbial wisdom says: “Pride comes before a fall.”

The American Dream is dimming as in the wake of a wink. Historically, America couldn’t have a worst time than the decade that is going by. There’s been a series of one disaster or catastrophe after another . . . a decade of debacle chiefly 9/11 to financial wipe-out (2001 – 2009). This is the most dispirited & disillusioning decade the Americans ever lived through! Call it “The Decade of Broken Dreams”?, “The Decade from Hell”?,“The Decade of Reckoning”? Or “The Lost Decade”? . . . you’d soon run out of the superlatives!

General Motors Collapse

Could this be just a glitch or false alarm? The dreaded millennial meltdown never happened? No major wars were fought, yet thousands died – 9/11, Iraq & Afghanistan – both victims & soldiers, not counting the innocent dead & millions of displaced refugees.

Has God been conspiring & most unkind? God certainly forbids the falsehood & lies about the invasion. God has also been thrown out of every aspect of American life! God’s been forgotten but is God forgiving?

Perhaps all these catastrophes are signs from Heaven – one after another – two market crashes — one at each end of the decade. You might recall the first Wall Street crash, when swooning tech stocks tanked the market from 2000 to 2001, not long after the Nasdaq hit an all-time high of 5049 on March 10, 2000. (Recent levels: 2150-2200.)

This was followed by the defining moment of the decade, the terrorist attacks of 9/11, which redefined & impacted global politics for at least a generation and caused US to question the continental security which they rarely worried about. US waged war in Afghanistan that drags on for eight years now and today it is deadlier than ever. Then came the fiasco in Iraq. Don’t forget the anthrax letters and later the Washington, D.C., snipers and the wave of Wall Street scandals highlighted by Enron and WorldCom.

Hurricane Katrina which occurred right in the midst of the decade 2005 (August 29) in Southern Louisiana killing more than 1,500 & causing $100 billion in damage. This is the single largest natural disaster in US history – problems of which have largely been unsolved.

A housing bubble fuelled by the availability of cheap money and excessive borrowing set ablaze by derivatives, so-called financial weapons of mass destruction, put the economy on the brink of collapse. The Americans will be sorting through the damage for years. Meanwhile, the living, breathing symbol of this economic sordidness, the great con artist. Bernie Madoff, rots away in a N.C. jail cell, doing 150 years for orchestrating the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of humanity.

The United States of America has failed to lead by example. Its dollar value is collapsing, its economy is faltering, its unemployment hits double-digits, the list just go on & on. Has Western capitalism seen the end of its road? Is America, its citizens known famously as “the ugly Americans” now becoming old & weary . . . no longer having the zeal & zest to dictate?

You be the judge & jury!