Is Buying A Pet Constitutes To Commencing A Development?

By P Chong                                                                 Thursday, 21 January 2010

Shetland Pony

Have you ever heard of the ridiculous formality of having to apply to the Shire of Kalamunda, Western Australia, for the approval of keeping a family pet? As though that itself is not laughable, you are required to pay them a whopping processing fee of $132.00!

Our Grandsons

For the sake of our two grandsons, I was prepared to overlook the ridiculous formality but not the $132.00 which I didn’t know about! Happily, I tried to fulfil the requirements:

  • I went round our neighbourhood getting supporting/consent signatures.
  • Filled up the application form which reads: APPLICATION FOR APPROVAL TO COMMENCE DEVELOPMENT.

    Now, doesn’t that sound crazy as though I am about to start a pony business in our backyard? I am only buying a pet Shetland pony for our grandsons. The size of this pony is between a miniature one & the normal pony . . . just a size larger than the German Shepherd or a Great Dane.

  • Three copies of our property’s location & site plan to be included.
  • A Stock Management Plan is even required!
  • No processing fee of $132.00 was mentioned or printed in the application form. I wouldn’t have gone to the Shire office today to submit my application form had I known of this or was even told about it!

Let’s hope & pray that this not reality but only a nightmare that I found myself in. Not sure if the Kalamunda community, or any other community, is aware of this nightmare.

After all, we have the space & area for the Shetland pony. Our backyard is in excess of 1500 M2 of empty grassy space and we also have the shed for its accommodation.

I have also seen the neighbours and they all have no objection whatsoever in our keeping one Shetland pony as a pet for our grandsons.

But why should Kalamunda Shire be so unreasonable?

Is buying a Shetland pony (gelding) as a pet tantamount to a business development?

Does the amount of $132 mean that the Shire is supplying me with the pony?

If you have any suggestion or comment, please have your say or email me:

Thank You.


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