The Extraordinary Longevity of the Hunzakuts


The Hunza Country with a population of some 30,000 is situated at the extreme northern point of Pakistan/India, where the borders of Kashmir, China, India and Afghanistan converge. It’s a mountainous valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan autonomous region under the control of Pakistan government. The Hunza people or Hunzakuts are ruled by a Mir (King). It has been reported that a significant number of the Hunzakuts have survived to the incredible age of 145. Among these people centenarians are common.

According to reliable sources, it is not uncommon for a 90 year-old Hunzakut to father children.

hunzakutsThe Hunzakuts

These people were purportedly to have been descended & associated with Alexander the Great. Three generals in his army were said to have married Persian women. The generals betrayed Alexander by giving the Persians his plans. The generals, wives and a band of many soldiers fled when this was revealed. The valley of Hunza is thought to have been their valley of refuge because of its remote and secure location.

I first came by the above essential information some years back when researching on the question of longevity.

I cannot personally vouch the truth & validity of it all. This sounds too incredible. There’s such an abundance of information circulating in cyberspace today that before assimilating & accepting any you really need to research further. Also refrain from asking others, for opinions are about the cheapest commodities around, freely available.

This will be a worthwhile exercise to stimulate your mind, to energise & rejuvenate towards your own attainment of youth & longevity. Most people generally are gullible & accept anything in print as the Gospel truth, and yet ironically fail or reluctant to accept that which are written in the Holy Book.

In your quest for the truth, consider the following:

  • The Mir could have concocted the falsehood, just like he did with the news about the Abominable Snowmen in the Hunza mountains.

  • The Hunzakuts excelled in falsehoods about their ages, state of health & happiness.

  • The Hunzakuts kept no written records and did not know their calendar age.

  • The Hunza were not healthy or free from disease & lived in a very unsanitary environment.

  • The Hunza diet was not perfect as claimed.

  • The Mir of Hunza never provided verification of the longevity nor allowed others to investigate.

It would certainly be good to be able to live right up to 150 & beyond, still young, active & virile and able to father children at age 90. It’s said that truth sometimes is stranger than fiction, and often too that fiction is mistaken for truth.

Paul Chong

Saturday, 24 October 2009


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