The Heart That Truly Loves

The Heart That Truly Loves

Pink Roses

My Dear on this auspicious day, I dedicate these lines to you:

It was love at first sight

It’s love that sustains its might.”

The heart that truly loves remains pure and untainted, unaffected and unadulterated by admiration, pursuit and unwanted attention. She will preserve herself specially for her true love. Likewise with him.

The heart that truly loves never fades and remains unaltered right to the end of time. It grows and shines till the end of time with two hearts entwined.

The heart that truly loves never dies. Whatever the circumstances, in good times or bad, in health or in sickness, in happiness or sadness, the heart remains true – ever giving and ever caring.

The heart that truly loves is in tune with God’s love. The grace of God is within. Thus we have inward grace and outward grace, and the beauty of the person is truly magnificent and everlasting.

You are the Spring of my Youth

You are the Summer of my Charm

You are the Autumn of my Grace

You are the Winter of my Life.

Paul Chong

A Chinese by Descent

An Australian by Consent


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